New Skeleton ☠ Essential Pack

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Hello everyone! :BP_amongusheadpat: We have something completely new! This is an idea we had long time ago, and is finally here!

Thanks to all of you from the
:BP_rotating: Team, Builders, Coaches and Staff included, for keep coming back to get those Bases and Sessions by our Pros. You are the best motivation we could ask for to keep doing what we love, to push to new limits and to bring our small piece to make Clash of Clans even greater.

 :BP_Skelly2: After seeing many ppl liked the Skeleton Pack, and the idea of building over the bases our Pro start for them, we have decided to post this Pack each month. In case you want to know more about Skeleton Bases we have two videos in our YT channel explained by
Skeleton Bases explained

:giveaway~1: The New TH14 Skeleton ☠ Essential Pack is here!

:villageromg:┋This pack made for the Clashers who like base building and they are trying to improve at it . Team up with our builders and use unique bases in collaboration with them.  

What is a skeleton base? A skeleton base is a design that only has the walls and the key buildings placed, the structure, we could say. TH, EA, Scatters, Infernos, Bows, Sweepers, CC & and of course the Heroes. A good skeleton is the most important thing when building a base, and here, you will be able to build over the skeleton of new meta bases made by :T_Clashworldchampionship: the best builders in the world. 

You have
2 options Pack 1 (x3) with bases 1, 2 and 3 and Pack 2 (x5) with also bases 4 and 5. :builder_panda: 5 Skeletons Anti 3 Designs

Skeleton Pack Blueprint Clahs of Clans Essential Pack

:CoC_Tools:┋ This pack is made to be affordable and the easiest way to use bases that only you own. Each base comes with the name of the builder that created the skeleton. You will receive your bases instantly after you place your order to your email. 

GET YOURS! :Countdown:

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