Eclipse Cup šŸŒ’ is here!

RegistrationĀ OPENĀ forĀ all divisionsĀ and this timeĀ 10Ā BlueprintĀ designs on the line!
Eclipse Cup šŸŒ’ is here!
Hey, The Eclipse Cup :eclipse: is here!

Rising Star Tournament :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :sparkles: is happy to announce that the next tournament will include divisions for the first time!

You have the free choice in which division you want to play the tournament. The following divisions are 5v5:

Supernova (Rh13) :Supernova:, Horizon (Th9-13) :Horizon:, Nebula (Th5-9) :Nebula:

Registration are
OPEN for all divisions and this time 10 :BP_logo: Blueprint designs on the line!

Please note the registration deadlines from the graphic. For more information please join the tournament server.

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