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TH12-13-14 Blue Bundle - bundle_id_101471 - combo_products - Blueprint CoC TH12-13-14 Blue Bundle - bundle_id_101471 - combo_products - Blueprint CoC
TH12-13-14 Blue ... $28.49 $35.61
The TH12, TH13, and TH14 Blue Bundle is a special bundle of deals for you! So if you are looking for a complete package and a good amount of Multiple TownHall Bases to take your game to the next level, this is the perfect Bundle!Every Month we will update the bundle with new blue packs related to various Townhalls, so you can take advantage of this product each month and buy it to have a constant supply of World Class Blue Bases! Top Quality Designs with Blue Pack bases built exclusively for the latest meta at Leagues, Push, and various essential demographics. It is a complete package for everyone, whether you are a Casual or a Pro Player, and it has become even more affordable! Get the whole bundle at the Highest Ever Discount! You heard it right!Three Pro TH14, TH13 & TH12 bases in Blue Packs. This pack is the most affordable way to try one of our highest-level services. You won't be disappointed; these designs are built, tested, and tweaked hard.  Wait Time: You will receive the Blue Packs instantly through email. Link & CC included! Renewal: This bundle will be up with New Blue Packs on 28th of Each Month!  Bundle: These packs are made for players that want to try our Services at affordable prices.  Why Blueprint?: Because we are the best Base Building service providers in the market! With top builders from top teams and the best players from around the world trusting us for their bases, Now is your turn!

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