New Legends đŸ”„ Essential Pack!

Get ready for the next Legends Season!
New Legends đŸ”„ Essential Pack! - Blueprint CoC
The TH15 Legends :CoC_Legends: Essential Pack is here!

This TH15 Pack is focused on Legends League and is ideal for the most competitive players and clans that aim higher at the Legends leader board. :legend~1:

Three, five and seven TH15 Extra Care CoC  Bases built exclusively for the latest meta at Legends. The idea is to give you a variety of bases so you can decide how many bases you need each season.

In total seven Extra Care Clash of Clans bases for less than the price of one are ready for you every month. This is the best way to have your push account ready every season. You won't be disappointed; these designs are built with much love by our Legends experts.

You have 3 options Pack 1 (x3) with bases 1, 2 and 3. Pack 2 (x5) with also bases 4 and 5.  And Pack 3 (x7) with also bases 6 and 7. 

In total there are 7
 Extra Care CoC Designs built/tested/tweaked by our Best Legend Builders!

:ringbell: Make sure to stay on the order confirmation page to download your pack instantly, after that you should receive a confirmation email with the link in case you need access at a later date, remember to create an Account within our platform so you can have all of your orders in one place!

:PEssential_LEG: GET YOURS!

You can now order Th15 Clash of Clans custom Designs here or through our discord.
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