Exclusive ESL Pack💎

Defend successfully in a one-hit tournament format!
Exclusive ESL Pack💎 - Blueprint CoC

Five builders, Five customers, Five different styles!
Ready for the teams and Orgs that want our best quality TH15 CoC bases.

They come with comments related to the testing and tweaking, and they have been made the same way Professional team work.
The Five TH15 clash of clans bases have Five different TH15 styles to help you in various matches against various teams!

Blueprint ESL exclusive pack with 5 builders image

Choco - Diamond very spread out core & flanks, backend baits, open comps. & multiple isolated cores!

End - box heavy core, spread baits, closed comps. Double poison tower based, open core!

Bob - Teaser heavy baited TH, Anti 2.5 style, spread out core, open comps, conc. damage

Ged - Creative base Asymmetric, unconventional core, heavy baited, large & open comps.

Ruposh - Anti 3 base with Classic Asymmetrical style, multiple isolated cores, heavily baited, creative comps.


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