A new Pro 🏆 is joining the team

Welcome JOJO23 to the Blue family!
A new Pro 🏆 is joining the team - Blueprint
:BP_logo: Hey, everyone! Thanks for the support yesterday on the Blueprint :Birthdaywar: Birthday War! Especially to all our Pros that participated and, of course, to @eVe Maxi | Pro Player | CC, @Zolokotroko | CC, @shioN | CC, @Marinaul | Pro Player, and @Clashing Adda | CC for covering the event!

:BP_Narrow: We hope you guys liked it! We will be streaming in our Twitch account from now on different games and unique events and covering some wars here and there. Don't forget to follow us, so you don't miss them! :Twitch_1: https://www.twitch.tv/blueprintcoc

And now the real reason of the ping :laughing:

:scream:┋We are glad to announce that we have an incredible addition to our team!

:aTTaX:Welcome @Jojo23 | Pro Player to the Blue family!

:gift:┋To celebrate, we have a huge :Fire_2: GIVEAWAY!!!

:gold_pass: :gold_pass: :gold_pass: :gold_pass: :gold_pass:  +   :crossed_swords:

To participate, just follow the instructions here https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC/status/1378760176782692355?s=20

If you want to book a session with him... #⚔┋session_orders! Join us if you are not on our server yet! https://discord.gg/Blueprint
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