A new Pro 🏆 is joining the team

Welcome Synthé to the Blue family!  
A new Pro 🏆 is joining the team - Blueprint
 :scream:┋We are glad to announce that we have an incredible addition to our Pro team!

:MCES:┋Welcome :flag_fr: the :hog: God to the Blue family!

:gift:┋To celebrate this, we have a huge :Fire_2: GIVEAWAY!!!
:gold_pass: :gold_pass: :gold_pass: :gold_pass: :gold_pass: + :crossed_swords:

To participate, just follow the instructions https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC/status/1405830716588544000?s=20
If you want to book a session with him... #⚔┋session_orders! Join us if you are not on our server yet! https://discord.gg/Blueprint
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