Fancy Tier šŸ˜± All you need as a TH14

30 New BasesĀ each month for less than 1$ per each!
Fancy Tier šŸ˜± All you need as a TH14 - Blueprint
Hey ! Today we wanted to bring your attention to one of the most incredible Tiers we have in our Patreon.Ā 
  • Do you need a lot of fresh bases monthly for you and your clan?
  • You never tried any of our Custom Bases because is too expensive?
  • You play TH14 a lot... CWL, Legends, Wars and Tournaments?
  • Want to form part of our private community and become Elder with perks?
  • You want to seeĀ patrons-chat and be eligible forĀ patreon-giveaway ?
Fancy Tier Patreon Blueprint TH14

TH14 FANCY :Patr6_Fancy:Ā TIER is the most OP tier you will ever find, 30 bases and now is less than 25$.Ā Less than one $ per base.

For just that you will get 30 Brand New Custom Blue Bases each month.Ā 18 TH14 Blueprint designs 4 CWL, 5 War, 6 Push & 4 ESL.Ā Added to that You also get. 5 TH13,Ā  5 TH12,Ā  1 TH11 & 1 TH10 Ā plus all the benefits from being officially a Patron supporter.

Get your subscription set up and download your bases. You can find more info about our tiers in our Ā Patreon page!

17 designs about to be available. If you have any questions or need help to subscribe , feel free to open a ticketĀ help-support and we will help you out!

In another note, take advantage that we just changed months and some Pro Tiers have slots available again!

Good luck in CWL, & rememberĀ :creators:Ā UseCodeBLUEĀ 
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