TH14 Royal Pro Tier ūüĎĎ Top Value

Become the King of the valley with our best tier!
TH14 Royal Pro Tier ūüĎĎ Top Value - Blueprint

Hi, today we wanted to present our fourth Patreon Pro Tier
Do You Want to be able to use our Most Expensive Bases?
Do You Want to Get Bases done by our Most Recognized Builders?
Do You play TH14 Seriously... CWL, Legends, Wars, and Tournaments?
Do You Want to form part of our private community and become VIP with perks?


Blueprint Royal tier patreon

TH14 ROYAL PRO TIER is the dream for every TH14 Competitive Clasher, 50 bases now less than 115$  More than Two Bases per $.  1 War / 1 CWL / 1 Push / 1 ESL Extra Care Designs + 1 Exclusive CWL/ESL Base as a present to reinforce for the end of the month.
Added to that You Get 
5 TH14 Pro Bases from the  Electric Tier, 5 TH14 Pro Bases from the  Ice Tier and 5 TH14 Pro Bases from the  Neon Tier and 18 TH14 Blueprint designs 4 CWL 5 War 6 Push 4 ESL You also get 12 extra layouts. 5 TH13 5 TH12 1 TH11 1 TH10  plus all the benefits from being officially a Patron supporter.


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