Welcome to our πŸ’™ PATREON 2022

Big changes in our Patreon for the next Year!
Welcome to our πŸ’™ PATREON 2022
:PES_NewYear: Welcome 2022:firework:

:BP_rotating: 2022 will be the year of changes, improvements, and a lot of growth for Blueprint, and the first big change is already here! :Icon_Patreon: This first measure will affect our Patreon, and here's a list of all the changes:
:BP_Narrow: First & the most significant change is that we have dropped our prices for every single tier, some of them like the Pro Royal over $65 OFF. Now we can proudly say we are the best value per dollar Patreon within the Clash of Clans Scene.

:BP_Narrow: We have lowered the number of spots available on most Pro Tiers to ensure more exclusivity.

:BP_Narrow: From now on, we will be asking every month for feedback on the bases to understand better where we need to improve and what builders should better themselves. It will be through an easy poll system within Patreon. This way, our design quality will only increase.

:PU_PepeQuestionWHAT: Why did we do this?

:aPES_PoopSplash: The reason is with the launch of our website and our web packs, our Patreon got a bit forgotten in the mix, so we decided to take back control and give it the time it deserves. Thank you for supporting us since the beginning, and we hope that by applying all of these changes, you will give us a chance again if you aren't subscribed yet.

:fun_hyperhyper: Also, today we uploaded the first 17 bases of the month, ready to be used on CWL and help you get that well-deserved Promotion!

:CH_PepeOmgGimmie: So now you have access to over 50 Bases per month for the lowest price possible, make sure to take advantage and take part of our new beginning!

:Icon_patreon:Sign up now to the best Clash of Clans Patreon:
:bparrow: https://www.patreon.com/BlueprintCoC
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