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Discord Blueprint Clash of Clans

🔹 We are a structured BB group full of well known CoC experienced Base Builders and hitters.

🔹 We build fresh bases to order, they are most up to date with the latest meta, you can be sure it hasn't been seen before.

🔹 We have the best players in the world ready for you, #💰┋session_prices have a look and give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

Discord Bueprint Clash of Clans

🔹 You want to chit chat a bit and crack some jokes? #💬┋general channel. #🔔┋announcements This is where we announce the most important stuff about Blueprint, make sure to check this channel frequently and have notifications up!

🔹 How to order a  Blueprint design. It's your first time here? check #💙┋customer_feedback to see what others think about our service, If you wanna know a bit about our Pro BB team jump to #🛠┋meet_pro-builders.

🔹 If you are interested in ordering a design and want to check our prices, go to  #🛠┋design_orders and click on the emoji.

🔹 You want to support the :Blueesfera: Fam and get up to 50 bases per month at a very affordable price? #🔥┋patreon-infoCheck out all of our different Patreon Tiers and pick yours! #🏅┋patreon-tiers

🔹 If you are looking to support us by boosting the server, make sure to check out all the awesome perks you will get by doing so! #💎┋boost-info

Discord Blueprint Clash of Clans

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The best Base Builders around the world

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12 Tiers and more than 50 bases a month

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