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2 Types of Tiers: 6 Tiers with Normal layouts 🌀 and 4 
Pro Tiers (Extra care)💎

🔹 Our 10 Patreon Tiers 🎫 and the respective designs are updated monthly. You can find our detailed schedule of the drops in the description of every Tier in our page Patreon page. In all the tiers, every design comes with a Link and the Clan Castle troops you should use.

Patreon Tiers Blueprint
🔹 Just select the tier that suits you the best and click Join! 💙 Make sure to link your Discord Account to Patreon, so you can have the 🔥Patron role in our Discord server. Consider annual pledges, is a way to support us long term while you get a nice discount.

🔹 All the designs will be delivered between the 2nd and 25th every month! 🗓 You can get access to your bases by logging in to your Patreon account, click on Blueprint, and they should be all under My Posts/Home Page. You can also download the Patreon App and sign in through there!

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