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Hey, I am agent33 from the USA.

I play for 
War & Glory, and I have been playing since 2014. I have played competitively since the very first community leagues began.

My biggest strengths are working out the small details on plans, giving the best chance of the attack succeeding, and foreseeing things that can go wrong. I also enjoy discussing base building theory and ways to improve defense, including different traps and baits and strong compartment setups.

I have good knowledge of Queen Charges and Sui attacks. I have been with Blueprint from early on, and I am glad to see us continue to grow

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @agent33_coc


Hi! I'm Ast from Finland.

I played for ATN.aTTaX the whole of 2020, ending up being the World Champs.  

This year I'm part of STRUT. I've played the game for over eight years, and I have won many tournaments.

I'm enjoying hits from Air the most, but I feel pretty comfortable with most of the attack strategies. 

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @marinaul


Ciao, I'm Mask! I'm 19 years old, from Italy!  

I started playing CoC around eight years ago, and I have played 
competitively since 2016. I have played since the earliest days. At eSports, I played in MnG, former ATN currently under STRUT!

I love Legend League, and I finished #1 in February 2022.

I've always been an air attacker. I love using 
LavaLoon in all his combinations, my favorite strategy is probably Queen Walk combined with any type of backend, but I can do other strategies as well!  

As you can see, I am very young, and I have a ton of time planning the 'lesson' to be as pleasant and helpful as possible with you! 

I'm very excited about this project and happy to meet and coop with you!

:Iconblue_Twitter: @MaskCoC1


Howzit guys, I'm Sir iron from Germany.

I have been playing CoC for close to 9 years now. I currently play in the 
6er Team of STRUT! Formerly I played in ATN.aTTaX, where we managed to win the 2020 World Championship, the 4/4 German ESL Meisterschaft, and twice the European ESL Mobile Open.

In the past, I was Co-Leader in Faked Wargasm and 
won the CWL S3 Finals in Estonia against OH! Furthermore, I was in TG/DL in 2019, went to Katowice with a DL Team in July/2019, and ended up being the Coach and Main Basebuilder of the TG Team at the CoC Worldcup 2019 in Hamburg, where we finished 4th. In 2019 I also managed to win both the ESL TH7 and TH9 Cups! 

I offer Base-Building sessions as well
 as attack sessions too! My favorite stats are QC's in general but mainly with Hybrid, Dragonriders, Hydra, Lalo, or Hogs.  

I am looking forward to working with you!


Hey, I’m TryHard from France.

I’ve been playing CoC since 
2013. I have played in STRUT since this year. I’m always trying to adapt to my teammates and facilitate their gameplay.

So I’m always trying to understand and master 
all types of strategies, but I also have my favorite one, which is QC in all its forms (funneling/pathing), followed by every possible army!  

I hope to be as 
helpful as I can and even more!


Hi! I'm Synthé from France. 

I was in MCES since July 2019, where we finished Vice-Champion in World's Championship (TH12) + European Champion in 2021 (TH14). Now I'm in M.S Esports (Stephanie Team).

I've been playing the game for over seven years. I have played all TH but a bit more TH7 (first TH7 Legend) and TH9 with some bigs trophy pushing.

Now I play only TH14. My most significant strength is being a theory crafter. I always try to find a new special combo-attack like Skelly-Donut Mass Hogs is my favorite army.

I'm almost the only one who knows how to use it in the right conditions. I like to use all the armies where there are no healers. 


Hi there! I’m Tomas95 from Argentine.  

I’ve been playing Clash of Clans for over 8 years. I played for Nova Esports in 2020 qualifying several times to the Monthly Qualifier for Clash Worlds.
Actually I’m playing for Club Leon FC My long experience allows me to perform a wide variety of attacks.

My favorites strategies are the air ones: combinations of laloon or any type of dragons
 I am doing coaching sessions in Spanish 

:Iconblue_Twitter:  @TomasArgCoc

Hello! I'm Kaddiel from Panama.

I have been playing CoC for eight years. I've won loads of 1v1 community tournaments and some major 5v5 cups. 

I have dedicated myself to the Legend League for the last four years. I have managed to be in the top 1 in the world many times. [Record  6495] I am currently playing for BPT Esports.

My favourite army for the last 2 years has been the QW Hybrid. I have mastered it to perfection in different ways and all possible variations.  Si quieres perfeccionar tu Híbrido o mejorar en leyenda, ya sabes donde encontrarme, y recuerda. Usa el codigo BLUE!  

:Iconblue_Twitter:  @KaddielC

Hello, I'm END from China.

I have played this game from the begging, and now The Coach/Builder of 
 Queen Walkers. I have been in NiChang Dance; This also helped me have a broad knowledge of ground and air spam.

I do Base Building Sessions, and My building skills give me the advantage to know the weaknesses of a base. I can also advise on any strategy ESL/WAR/PUSH. I also develop training and teamwork arrangement. 

Hope to voice with you soon, so we get your Clash skills to the next level together. 
I can do the Sessions in English and Chinese

:Iconblue_Twitter:  @end7_coc

Hello, I am Nebrax from Germany.

Currently, I‘m playing for Tribe Gaming.  2021 was my first year of playing competitive, and my team and I directly finished in worlds!

My favorite strategies are all kinds of Air attacks and Queen Charges (Don‘t ask me for smash tips).

If you are searching for fast progression and more triples, contact me, and your questions will be answered!

My sessions are in German or English. I am looking forward to helping you out!

:Iconblue_Twitter:  @Nebrax_CoC

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