How & Why to Support Us? Using Creator Code "BLUE"

As you support us, we flourish. And as we support you, you thrive! By using code BLUE, you contribute to our ability to deliver high-quality Clash content, benefiting us both.
How & Why to Support Us? Using Creator Code

Hey, Clashers!

Welcome to Blueprint CoC, your go-to destination for top-notch Clash of Clans products and services! We specialize in providing players with the best base designs, master classes led by pro players, and personalized coaching sessions to elevate your Clash experience. This blog shows you how valuable it is to support a Content Creator.

Blueprint Base Building - Who we are?

Blueprint is one of the top Base Building organizations in Clash of Clans, offering a range of products and services to players. Our products include the Best Custom Bases and Base Packs for every Town Hall level available in our Blueprint ShopMaster Classes led by pro players teaching specific attack strategies, and personalized Pro Sessions where pros guide players on Clash-related topics.

Why are We One of the Best Clash of Clans Content Creator?

We're proud to boast some of the world's top players from multiple teams within our organization. These players excel in the Legend League, Wars, or both, and they are the driving force behind the high-quality Clash of Clans content, mainly in our YouTube Channel. With quality content, products and services from the best players in the world, your game skills will improve drastically with minimal effort!

What is Clash of Clans Creator Code & Its Benefits?

The creator code, unique to each content creator, is Supercell's way of recognizing and rewarding the contributions of Clash of Clans content creators. By using our code, you're helping us demonstrate our impact and influence within the Clash community, which in turn allows us to receive perks and rewards from Supercell. These rewards enable us to continue delivering high-quality content and services to our audience.

Use code "BLUE" 

Don't forget to use code "BLUE" in the in-game store or use code "BLUE" in the Supercell store during your purchases to support Blueprint CoC. Every time you use our code, you're helping us grow and expand our offerings to provide even more value to Clash players worldwide.

Support us without any effort!

Supporting us is easier than you might think. Instead of writing a review or leaving feedback, you can show your support simply by using our creator code, "BLUE," when making in-game purchases like the Gold Pass, Event Pass, or Hero Skins. It's a hassle-free way to support our organization and help us continue providing valuable content to the Clash community.

Using code BLUE in Shop

Make Sure to Re-enter Creator Code "BLUE" Every Week

We're truly grateful if you've already used code BLUE. Just a friendly reminder: the code you enter in the in-game Shop or Supercell Store resets weekly. So, a single entry of code BLUE lasts for a week. It would mean the world to us if you could re-enter it every week, ensuring continuous support for us in the long haul!


Thank you for considering supporting Blueprint CoC! Your support not only helps us grow as an organization but also contributes to the overall quality of content available to Clash of Clans players worldwide. Together, we can continue to build and strengthen the Clash community. Don't forget to use code "BLUE" during your in-game purchases to show your support. Clash on!

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