Blueprint Base Building was brought to life 🥳 March the 25th of 2020 and just a few months later 🔊 we were already a registered company established in London.

🔹 The main goal was to create the most Professional Team of Clash of Clans Base Builders and Pro Players.🏆 Less than a year after we are recognized as the most exclusive BB company and regularly working next to the biggest orgs in the game.

🔹 Thousands of custom designs built through our discord server and the number 1 CoC Creators at Patreon. 😱 Our Discord server went from 500 to 10k members in a record time and our passion for the game, competition and for Base Building is always present in everything we do.
If have any questions join our Discord server ask our staff about any doubts.

🔹 We are always pushing to new limits. First BB server on bringing to Patreon the limited Pro Tiers,10 known content creators from all over the world that work closely next to us, ⚔ Pro Sessions available with the best players in the game, test bases, base building sessions, watch legends live in your clan or even 🎧coach sessions about any topics. 


🔹 On March 2021, exactly one year after we created the Blueprint brand, we opened our official website 🌐. The main purpose was to open our services to the World not just to our Discord members and to have a place to follow up our last announcemnts and actuallity.

🔹 We offer all the same services that are available in our Discord, such custom designs, Pro TH14 bases and Coaching Pro Sessions. At the same time we will be offering exclusive deal packs only available in our website with unique bases only built for this platform. Monthly packs, so everyone can have access to our designs for a cheaper price, and even exclusive limited packs for the most competitive players that want custom bases but they would rather get a lower price.


🔹 Each one of the 50 designs built monthly are made by our Builders, most of them are recognized 🌍 worldwide but if you want to check them out have a look at Pro Builders page in the website.

🔹 Our 10 Patreon Tiers 🎫 and the respective designs are updated monthly. You can find our detailed schedule of the drops in the description of every Tier here in our page. In all the tiers every design comes with a Link and the Clan Castle troops you should use.

🔹 Just select the tier that suits you the best and click Join! 💙 Make sure to link your Discord Account to Patreon so you can have the 🔥Patron role in our Discord server. Consider anual pledges is a way to support us long term while you get a nice discount.


:Iconblue_Discord:  Discord    https://discord.gg/Blueprint

:Iconblue_Twitter: Twitter       https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC

:Icon_Patreon: Patreon     https://www.patreon.com/BlueprintCoC

:Iconblue_Instagram: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/blueprintcoc

:Iconblue_Facebook: Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/BlueprintBBCoC

Youtube    https://www.youtube.com/BlueprintCoC

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The most talented Professionals out there

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The best Base Builders around the world

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10 Tiers and up to 50 bases a month

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