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Today we had the final war of a tournament. Everyone in my clan has a blue defense. The result? We are the champions with 0 triples on defense. After couple Pro sessions with CCL, my best CWL performance ever. 2☆☆ 90% and 5 hits triples. Pro Sessions 100% recommended.

⚡ The Flash ⚡

Happy Klausmass! My swanky legend base after 4 days at the 5400 level it’s still yet to be tripled so you can’t ask for more than that. It’s fun to have a base that’s built by the best in the game. Happy holidays all. Be safe.


Had a pro Legend session with Ast. It was very insightful and learned a lot about Lalo attacks. It was a great learning process as he breaks down his attacks, explained his approach and attack methodology. Highly recommend any of the Pro services and will be using more of it. Thank you BP for bringing this service to us regular joes.


Great builders and great bunch of guys, The work CCL, Mr Fox, Chris and Orphan put to ensure each base is Fresh, defensively capable and ready to withstand high class attacks is insane. Without a doubt the most experienced BB organisation when it comes down to ESL , Worlds and Esport tournaments.


A big shout out! Tonight in Beat Up Beer event at Kreek&Clash a Blueprint base went 16 and 0, first time a base has held a entire round of hits, super op thank you.


I’m definitely not a big fan of BB servers, however CCL convinced me of giving a shot. Now I gotta say I’m more than satisfied with the outcome, used against Attax once and defended so decided to use it on the last war qualifier against SSG. Huge value on that defense and we managed to qualify!!!


Sir Iron built me an OP extra care base for SCCWL. On 2 accounts (C1 &C3). Held 13/14 included some 1⭐
Also ordered 2 Th12S, I didn't use 2nd yet cuz 1st it's so OP. It held 4 hits this weekend in Invite and required a dip to triple. BP builds incredibly OP bases at all Th levels!


Just wanted to thank Bob for his OP base building. Base still to be tripled. It is a really good investment if you want to get in the competitive scene. The defense are as important as the offense in this game and that’s why I rely on blueprints for those op bases!

JcPearl | NPlay GTZ

I've been working with BP for a few months. I'm not gonna lie, I treid another BB teams. But man, this team is freaking amazing. Last base got at most 80% after CWL in champs 2 & 5 tournerys. If u want a really, not good, but GOD base, don't even question. Just buy and try it for urselfs! Great joob!



These are what we call 🔥 extra care bases, you can pick who builds your Custom Pro Bases from our builders. This bases will take a bit longer to be ready since our builders will perform much heavier tests, extra attention to detail, etc.

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