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  Hello, I am Nebrax ( from Germany 🇩🇪 Currently, I‘m playing for Tribe Gaming. 🪓 2021 was my first year of playing competitive, and my team and I directly finished 🥉 in worlds! My favourite strategies are all kinds of Air Spam and Laloo (Don‘t ask me for smash tips 😂). If you are searching for more triples just contact me and your questions will be answered! My sessions are in German 🇩🇪 or English. 🇬🇧🇺🇸Looking forward to helping you out! Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: German, English. 
Pro Session | End
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hello, I'm END from China ( I have played Clash of Clans from the begging, and now The Coach/Builder of Queen Walkers. I have been in NiChang Dance; This also helped me have a broad knowledge of ground and air spam. I do Base Building Sessions, and My building skills give me the advantage to know the weaknesses of a base. I can also advise on any strategy ESL/WAR/PUSH. I also develop training and teamwork arrangement. Hope to voice with you soon, so we get your Clash skills to the next level together. I can do the Sessions in English and Chinese. Time Zone: EST (-05:00-EASTERN STANDARD TIME) Language: English, Italian & Chinese.
Pro Session | Kingsman
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Hi it's KingsMan ! 🔥 ('m currently the captain of M.S Esports! My biggest success is, without a doubt, our third place at the last world championships. But I also have very good memories of my European Championship title with MCES! 🥰I am traditionally a QC player, mastering all variants (QC lalo, QC dr, QC hog, QC hydra, QC zap...), but my specialty remains QC hybrid.To have the most versatile team possible, I trained a lot in ground spams last year and am satisfied to see that it might be the meta in TH 15! 👀I will be happy to share my experience and help you progress with all the compositions I listed above, thanks to the coaching offered by Blueprint! ✅I can adapt to all time zones and speak French / English! 🕵️‍♂️I hope to meet you soon! 🙋‍♂️
Pro Session | Mask - Clash of Clans Coach - CoC Coaching Pro Session - Coaching Session - Blueprint CoC
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Ciao, I'm MASK! I'm 19 years old, from Italy !!I started playing CoC around eight years ago, and I have played competitively since 2016. I have played since my earliest days. At eSports, I played in MnG, former ATN currently under STRUT! I love Clash of Clans Legend League, and I finished #1 in February 2022. I've always been an air attacker. I love using LavaLoon in all his combinations, my favorite strategy is probably Queen Walk combined with any type of backend, but I can do other strategies as well!  As you can see, I am very young, and I have a ton of time planning the 'lesson' to be as pleasant and helpful as possible with you!  I'm very excited about this project and happy to meet and coop with you! Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English, Italian
Pro Session | Synthe
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hi! I'm Synthé ( from France 🇨🇵I was in MCES since July 2019 where we finish Vice-Champion in World's Championship (TH12) + European Champion in 2021 (TH14) 👊 Now I'm in M.S Esports (Stephanie Team) and I came Third place at World's Championship! 🔥 I've been playing the game for over 7 years, I have played all TH but a bit more TH7 (first TH7 Legend) and TH9 with some big trophy pushing. Now I play only TH15.My biggest strength is to be a theory crafter, i always try to find a new special combo-attack like the skelly-donut 🍩Mass Hogs is my favorite army and I'm almost the only one who knows how to use it in the right conditions 🐷I like to use all the armies where there are no healers 😁I'm doing coaching sessions for TH and BH (Builder Hall) in French 🇨🇵 but I can try some armies too in English 🇬🇧 Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: French & English
Pro Session | Ghost
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hello🙂 I’m GHOST (Twitter: from the USA 🇺🇸 I have been playing for roughly 7 years now and currently am playing for Chasmac Gaming  As a player, my main strategies are any form of lalo attacks, but I am really versatile with ground as well. My biggest strength is picking apart a base and working on the smallest details in planning to give the best outcome of the attack. Sessions are in English Let’s Crush it!🔥 Time Zone: ET (Eastern TIME) Language: English
Pro Session | Kaddiel - Clash of Clans Coach - CoC Coaching Pro Session - Coaching Session - Blueprint CoC
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hello! I'm KADDIEL from Panama. ( I have been playing CoC for eight years. I've won loads of 1v1 community tournaments and some major 5v5 cups. I have dedicated myself to the Clash of Clans Legend League for the last four years. I have managed to be in the top 1 in the world many times. [Record  6495] I am currently playing for BPT Esports.My favourite army for the last 2 years has been the QW Hybrid. I have mastered it to perfection in different ways and all possible variations.  Si quieres perfeccionar tu Híbrido o mejorar en leyenda, ya sabes donde encontrarme, y recuerda. Usa el codigo BLUE!   Time Zone: EST (-05:00 EASTERN STANDARD TIME) Language: Spanish
Pro Session | Maziar TK
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hey everyone, it's TK. I'm from Iran 🇮🇷 and I live in Spain 🇪🇸 I currently Play in Persian Empire and Dark Phoenix (For Golden Ticket tournaments and World Championship only because my main team Persian Empire has Iranian players and we're limited and can't play those tournaments).  I am the creator of the Super Barch strategy and I'm so excited to share ALL my knowledge of this army with you guys since I've been hitting and practicing for more than 9 months. More than this, I'll also be sharing a lot of base identification for Sarch Blimp, which is super underrated when it comes to high legends and bases that are completely baiting this Method of opener so I'm here to help you change your perspective🔥 Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English, Persian
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Pro Session | JoJo
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Hey, I am Jojo23 ( from Germany. I play Clash of Clans for around 8 years now and most of the time competitive. I played for ATN.aTTaX and won the World Championship in 2020, besides that I've won a lot of other tournaments like ESL Meisterschaft, ESL EU, etc. with ATN.aTTaX and STRUT Esports. My Nickname is Lalo23 so my specialty is Lavaloon attacks but I am comfortable with most strategies. I am fluent in speaking German and English! Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English, German
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Pro Session | Lexnos
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hello, I am LEXNOS ( from Texas, USA.I’ve played Clash of Clans for Tribe Gaming, SpaceStation Gaming & Chasmac Gaming. My favorite attack strategies are Queen Charges (with Lalo, Hybrid, or Dragon Riders) and Bliz Lalo.If you want someone who can help you learn these strategies in more detail and have a few jokes along the way, I’m your guy.. Time Zone: EST (-05:00 EASTERN STANDARD TIME) Language: English
Pro Session | General X
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World! Hey, I'm Jonas (22) from Germany 🇩🇪 aka General X ( I have played CoC nearly since its release and have been competitive for over 3 years. Right now I'm proud to be a part of Repotted Gaming. A team with several achievements over the last 3 years, like second place in the ESL Mobile and ESL Meisterschaft and 5th place at Worlds👊🏻 I'm the Main Basebuilder of my team, and for that reason, I am pretty good at analyzing bases and finding their weaknesses.🤓Overall I like all strategies that are sui-based and don't rely on healers too much. But I also love to use the recall spell in all kinds of strategies, as you can see in my masterclass.I can speak German🇩🇪 and English🇺🇸. I am looking forward to improving your offense together.  Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: German & English
Pro Session | Agent
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#1 Clash of Clans COACHING Service in the World!Hey, I am AGENT33 ( from the USA.I play for War & Glory, and I have been playing Clash of Clans since 2014. I have played competitively since the very first community leagues began.My biggest strengths are working out the small details on plans, giving the best chance of the attack succeeding, and foreseeing things that can go wrong. I also enjoy discussing base building theory and ways to improve defense, including different traps and baits and strong compartment setups.I have good knowledge of Queen Charges and Sui attacks. I have been with Blueprint from early on, and I am glad to see us continue to grow. Time Zone: EST (-05:00 EASTERN STANDARD TIME) Language: English

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