Pro Session | Remy-O
Pro Session | Remy-O from £18.00
Hello I am Remy-O from France .Playing clash during 7 years old. Now playing for MCES . I am an air player since the start. I use the loon in all of his possibility but the one I like the most is sui lalo. Whether with zap, bats, full spell or now invisibilty spell. Looking forward to share my experience. Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: French
Pro Session | Ast
Pro Session | Ast from £24.00
Hi! I'm Ast from Finland  I played for ATN.aTTaX , the whole 2020 with ending up being the World Champs, I've been playing the game over 7 years and I did a lot of base testing the previous years. I like to hit the most from air, but feel pretty comfortable with all the strats there are. Looking forward to have fun with this project! Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English & Finnish
Pro Session | Tomás
Pro Session | Tomás from £18.00
Hi there! I’m Tomas95 from Argentine. I’ve been playing Clash of Clans for over 8 years. I played for Nova Esports in 2020 qualifying several times to the Monthly Qualifier for Clash Worlds  Actually I’m playing for ARGENFEST. My favorites strategies are the air ones: combinations of laloon or any type of dragons  I am doing coaching sessions in Spanish. Time Zone: EST (-05:00 EASTERN STANDARD TIME) Language: Spanish
Pro Session | Synthé
Pro Session | Synthé from £19.00
Hi ! I'm Synthé from France I'm in MCES since the beginning in July 2019 where we won Katowice and after we finish Vice-Champion on World's Championship. I've been playing the game over 7 years, i have play all TH but a bit more TH7 and TH9 with some bigs trophy pushing. I like to use all the armies where there are no healers  My biggest strenght is to be a theory crafter, I always try to find a new special combo-attack like the skelly-donut, Mass Hogs is my favorite army and i'm almost the only one who knows how to use it in the right conditions.   Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: French & English
Pro Session | Mask
Pro Session | Mask from £30.00
Hey I'm Mask (u may know me as Shenzi or Simba). ! I'm 18 years old, from Italy !! I started playing CoC around 8 years ago and I play competitively since 2016.  I played in Yolo mode, Spartans legacy Kronos crimine... as esports I played in MNG past season, I won EWU, Queso Cup and I'm currently playing in ATN.aTTaX ! I've always been an air attacker, I love using LavaLoon in all his combinations, my favourite strategy is probably Queen Walk combined with any type of backend, but i can do other strategies aswell ! As you can see I am very young and I have a ton of time to put into this to plan the 'lesson' to be as pleasant and helpful as possible together with you !  I'm very excited about this project and very happy to meet and coop with you!  Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English, Italian
Pro Session | BuMm
Pro Session | BuMm from £30.00
My Name is BuMm from ATN.attax , the current World Champions!!  I have been playing Clash of Clans for more than 7 years and I am always looking for the highest competition as possible. During the Years of competition I grew up as a professional Basetester. Analysing the weakness of a Base to use it in my favour to Triple! That's what I do! Preferably I am using Queencharges and Lalo but my basic knowledge of other strategies are solid as well. Long live Clash of Clans! Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English, German & Korean
Pro Session | TryHard
Pro Session | TryHard from £22.00
 Hey, I’m TryHard from France.I’ve been playing CoC since 2013. I play in MCES  where I’m also the captain. That means to me that I had to adapt to my teammates and to facilitate their gameplay. So I’m always trying to understand and to master all type of strats  But I also have my favorite one, which is QC in all its forms (funneling/pathing), followed by every possible armies !  I hope to be as helpful as I can and even more ! Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: French
Pro Session | Marinaul
Pro Session | Marinaul from £18.00
Hello, I am Marinaul from Brazil  I have been playing since 2014. I am the leader of INTZ , team captain and also base tester. I dominate and have good knowledge of most strategies, but the ones I have complete control are Lalo and Drags, all sorts of variations. I am also good with spam strategies like witches/super witches/yetis. My main focus at hits it to keep them as simple and objective as possible. Very happy to be part of this project and I hope the best for us in the future. Time Zone: CET (+01:00-CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME) Language: English, Portuguese

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