Clash Games Hero Skins & Scenery - July Gold Pass!

Get ready, Clashers! July's Gold Pass brings the thrilling Clash Games theme with exclusive hero skins and scenery. Discover all the exciting rewards and events this month. Join the adventure now!
Clash Games Hero Skins & Scenery - July Gold Pass!

Hello, Clashers!

It's time to dive into July's Gold Pass, featuring the thrilling Clash Games theme. If you're part of the Clash community, you know the Gold Pass is your ticket to exclusive rewards and perks.

Let's explore what July has in store!

Introducing the Clash of Clans Gold Pass

The Gold Pass offers VIP access to a variety of perks, from faster upgrades to exclusive hero skins and village scenery. Each month, it transforms your Clash experience with unique content and bonuses.

With the Clash Games theme, this month is no exception, bringing a plethora of exciting rewards and skins to enhance your gameplay. The Gold Pass is designed to provide players with a significant boost in their Clash journey, offering rewards that help progress faster and stand out with unique skins.

What's Inside the CoC July Gold Pass?

July brings in a Clash Games theme with a bunch of rewards:

Clash Games Barbarian King Skin

  • Available in the Gold Pass
Clash Games Barbarian King Skin - July Gold Pass!


Clash Games Archer Queen Skin

  • Available in the shop from July 8th at 08:00 AM UTC
Clash Games Archer Queen Skin - July Gold Pass!

Clash Games Grand Warden Skin

  • Available in the shop from July 15th at 08:00 AM UTC
Clash Games Grand Warden Skin - July Gold Pass!


SteamPunk Battle Copter

  • Available in the shop from July 22nd at 08:00 AM UTC

Clash Games Scenery

  • Available in the shop from July 5th at 08:00 AM UTC
Clash Games Scenery - July Gold Pass!

Goblin High Dive (Super Deco)

  • Available in the shop from July 12th at 08:00 AM UTC

The Clash Games theme brings a unique twist to the game, immersing players in an adventure. Each skin is meticulously designed to reflect the Clash Games spirit, adding a fresh and exciting look to your heroes and village.

Clash of Clans July Events

July is packed with exciting events that will keep you engaged throughout the month. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

Clash Games Challenge #1

  • Available on July 1st at 08:00 AM UTC

Events are a crucial part of the Clash experience, offering unique challenges and rewards. The Clash Games Challenge tests your strategic skills with new levels.

For more details on these events, visit the Clash of Clans Events page.

And check out our Clash of Clans Challenges blog to easily triple any Challenge!

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Should you buy the Gold Pass?

The Gold Pass is packed with value, offering exclusive skins, scenery, and events. For just a small investment, you unlock a wealth of benefits that can significantly enhance your Clash experience. From the unique Clash Games skins to the exclusive scenery, the Gold Pass is a must-have for any serious Clasher.

Our Clash of Clans Gold Pass Guide can help you decide if it’s the right choice for you, but with the Clash Games theme, it's hard to resist the allure of the competition. The Gold Pass not only offers cosmetic upgrades but also practical benefits like faster upgrades and additional resources, making it a valuable addition to your gameplay.


July's Gold Pass is bursting with Clash Games adventures. With new skins, fresh scenery, and a lineup of exciting events, this month's Gold Pass is one of the best yet. Join us each month as we uncover new skins, scenery, and more.

Stay golden, Clashers, and get ready to conquer the Clash Games!

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