Unveiling "Of the North" Hero Skins & Scenery - January Gold Pass

Dive into the Clashiverse's golden realm with our January Gold Pass blog! Explore the wonders of this month's Hero Skins and Scenery! Spoiler: There's a surprise!
Unveiling New Hero Skins & Scenery of January Gold Pass

Hey Chief,

Welcome to the Gold Pass Chronicles, your monthly guide to all things shiny, golden, and Clash-tastic! If you're part of the Clash of Clans community, you've probably heard whispers about the mystical Gold Pass. What's it all about? Well, let's dive into this treasure trove and uncover the secrets of Clashdom!

Unveiling the Gold Pass

The Gold Pass is your VIP ticket to a world of exclusive perks, discounts, and oh-so-glorious rewards. It's like having your own golden key to the Clash kingdom. With benefits ranging from speedy upgrades to jaw-dropping hero skins, the Gold Pass is the ultimate game-changer.

What's in the Golden Chest?

Picture this: a magical chest filled with rewards that make your village stand out in the crowd. Each month, the Gold Pass unwraps a bundle of delights just for you. From hero skins that transform your champions into epic legends to mesmerizing village scenery that gives your home a fresh, eye-catching look – it's a parade of awesomeness.

What's new for January Gold Pass?

We got something new for this new year which you'll find out as you slide through the blog. Let's look at the cool Hero Skins and Sceneries of the January Gold Pass.

"Of the North" Hero Skins & Scenery

The theme for this season's Gold Pass is "Of the North" which is a cool theme for winter! We aren't just describing it with words, we got pictures for each skin & scenery in the upcoming sections. Take a peek!

Hero Skins

First on the stage, we have the hero skins – your key to turning ordinary heroes into fashion icons of Clashville. Whether it's the fearless Barbarian King or the sneaky Archer Queen, each month unveils a new skin that adds a dash of style to your battles.

  • Of the North King's Skin: This exclusive Barbarian King's skin is the highlight of this season's Gold Pass. [Cost: $6.99]

Of the North King skin

  • Of the North Queen's Skin: Did we mention the Queen? If our majestic King gets something, our royal Queen should get it too! That's why our Queen also gets the same skin! [Cost: $9.99]

Of the North Queen's skin

  • Of the North Battle Machine's Skin: No kidding! When the King and Queen get skins, why not the under-rater Battle Machine. [Cost: $7.99]

Of the North Battle Machine Skin

Village Scenery

But wait, there's more! The Gold Pass doesn't stop at hero makeovers; it also brings you stunning village scenery. Say goodbye to mundane landscapes as each month introduces a fresh backdrop, giving your village the makeover it deserves.

  • Of the North Builder Base Scenery: Is this season a lottery for the Builder Base players? There's also an "Of the North" Scenery and guess what? It's not for your main village but for the Builder Base. Yes, you heard it right! A scenery for the Builder Base. [Cost: $6.99]

Builder Base Of the North Scenery


We've got TWO challenges for players to tackle. Clash Bashing made a challenge for Home Village Of the North, and AshJer created a challenge for Builder Base Of the North!

To Gold Pass or Not to Gold Pass?

Now, you might be wondering, "Should I get in on this golden action?" Fear not! Check out our comprehensive Gold Pass guide for an in-depth look at the benefits, tips, and tricks. It's your virtual compass in the Clashiverse, guiding you through the decision-making journey.

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And there you have it – a sneak peek into this season of Gold Pass wonders that await you. Join us each month as we unveil new hero skins, picturesque sceneries, and a heap of gaming delights. The Gold Pass Chronicles will be your trusted companion, navigating you through the Clash seas. Stay golden, Clashers!

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