The ULTIMATE Builder Hall 10 Upgrade Guide

Find out the top upgrade priority order to quickly boost your new BH10 base's growth and have an added advantage over your opponents in the battlefield.
The ULTIMATE Builder Hall 10 Upgrade Guide

Hey Builder Base chief,

Are you ready to take your Builder Hall to the next level? In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential upgrades you need to make at Builder Hall 10 in Clash of Clans. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, this guide will help you maximize your resources and start off on the right foot.


Welcome to the era of Builder Hall 10! This latest addition to Clash of Clans brings a wave of excitement as players embark on their journey to unlock and upgrade a plethora of new features. To make the most of this thrilling update, you need a foolproof plan. That's where our ultimate guide comes in. We'll walk you through the best upgrade order to ensure you max out your Builder Hall 10 experience as efficiently as possible.

Introducing Builder Hall 10: Unveiling the Optimal Upgrade Order

Builder Hall 10 is the latest addition to the Clash of Clans universe, and it brings exciting new features and challenges to the game. In this blog, we'll explore what BH10 has to offer and the upgrade order to max out faster. The new Builder Base update brought signification changes to the Builder Base like the multi-stage attacks, the robot friend B.O.B, additional rewards in both offense & defense and a ton of fun.

Should you upgrade to builder hall 10?

The big question on every Clash of Clans player's mind is whether it's time to make the jump to Builder Hall 10. But chief, why would you ask that question? Step out from the long run of the ancient (Yes, it feels so!) builder base and try out the new defenses, troops and the higher level of these defenses and troops that'd make your base as powerful as titanium.

What buildings are unlocked in the BH10?

Builder Hall 10 introduces some awesome game-changing elements. We'll look into the two major unlocks:

  • The X-Bow, a defense (who wouldn't know..), and
  • The Electro Fire Wizard troop.

The Best Step-by-Step BH10 Upgrade Priority to maximize Progress

Maximizing your progression at Builder Hall 10 requires a well-thought-out upgrade strategy. We'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on the optimal order for upgrading buildings and troops. Following this plan will help you achieve your BH10 goals faster and dominate your opponents in Clash of Clans.


The ULTIMATE Builder Hall 10 Upgrade Guide + OP Base Link | Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0

💙 In this video Hooked presents you the best upgrade order/priorities for when you reach Builder Hall 10! Start off with the necessary 5 buildings then move on to a mix of defenses and other buildings plus the Lab!

BH10 Base Link:

Initial Upgrades

The first thing you should do upon reaching Builder Hall 10 is to build the new trap. However, the most crucial upgrade you'll want to focus on is the new Xbow. Placing it in your Village sets you off to a great start.

Next up, upgrade your laboratory. This is essential because it allows you to improve your troops to level 20. Keep in mind that the upgrade times at Builder Hall 10 can be quite long, especially without the Gold Pass. If you have items like a Book of Building or Builder base runes, consider using them on the laboratory to speed up the process. Level 20 troops will significantly enhance your offensive capabilities.

Defense Upgrades

Builder Hall 10 brings a range of exciting defensive upgrades. Here's the recommended order for upgrading your defenses:

  1. Mega Tesla: This powerful defense can target both air and ground units, making it a top priority.
  2. Air Bombs: These help protect your base against air attacks.
  3. Xbow (Levels 2-5): After the initial Xbow build, focus on leveling it up for increased effectiveness.
  4. Crusher: A reliable ground defense.
  5. Tesla: Upgrading this defense helps it survive against level 20 Baby Dragons.
  6. Firecrackers, Double Cannon, Roaster, Lava Launcher, Archer Tower, Mega Cannon: Prioritize these defenses in this order.
  7. Multi-Mortar: A valuable splash damage defense.
  8. Otto's Outpost: Consider upgrading this earlier if it's at a low level.
  9. Cannon, Guard Post: Upgrade these defenses next.
  10. Traps and Walls: Finish off with traps and walls to complete your base defenses.

Other Building Upgrades

Apart from defenses, here's the suggested order for upgrading other buildings:

  1. Healing Hut: The Healing Hut is essential for keeping your troops in top shape. Upgrade it early.
  2. Battle Copter: Regardless of its level, prioritize upgrading the Battle Copter for its valuable abilities.
  3. Battle Machine: Upgrade the Battle Machine after the Battle Copter.
  4. Gem Mine: If you're primarily interested in collecting gems, you can upgrade the Gem Mine earlier.
  5. Gold Mine and Elixir Collector: Upgrade these towards the end of your upgrade journey.
  6. Gold Storage and Elixir Storage: These should be upgraded as you accumulate resources.

Laboratory Upgrades

Maximizing the potential of your troops is crucial. Follow this upgrade order for the laboratory:

  1. Baby Dragon: Upgrade it to level 20 to unlock its fiery ability.
  2. P.E.K.K.A: Max out this ground troop for its strength.
  3. Cannon Cart: Upgrade it to level 20 for added attack damage.
  4. Electro Fire Wizard: Enhance this versatile troop next.
  5. Hog Glider, Bomber, Boxer Giant, Rage Barbarian: These can be upgraded based on your preference and troop usage.
  6. Drop Ship and Night Witch: These troops are optional and can be upgraded as desired.
  7. Beta Minion and Sneaky Archer: Upgrade these last if you have extra resources.

Remember to upgrade each troop from level 19 to 20 before moving on to the next one.


Achieving success at Builder Hall 10 in Clash of Clans involves careful planning and strategic upgrades. Focus on defenses to protect your base, prioritize key buildings for efficient resource management, and improve your troops to unleash their full potential. With this detailed upgrade guide, you'll be well-prepared to conquer the challenges that await you in Builder Hall 10. Good luck on your Clash of Clans journey!


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