How to Use Pets in Clash of Clans

Ready to show your skills like a Pro player? Unleash the fury of our Best Hero-Pet combos, level up your gameplay and conquer the battlefield like never before!
How to Use Pets in Clash of Clans

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There may be a wide variety of Clash content over the internet where you can learn the best attack strategies but you won't find much content about the pets in Clash of Clans. And yes, this blog post is all about the pets and by the end of this article, you will be able to use the pets effectively like never before!

Clash of Clans Pets

There has been many updates in the Clash of Clans history with new addition of troops, spells, defenses and heroes but the update which added the pets has been considered the favorite among many clashers. So, if you thought Clash of Clans couldn't get any more exciting, think again! With these paw-some pets, the battlefield has turned into a pet paradise, and the clashers are loving every second of it! And hey, who can blame them? After all, who wouldn't want a loyal pet by their side, ready to unleash some magical mayhem?

Do pets really matter?

Picture this epic clash of Clans showdown – you're in a nail-biting war, and it all comes down to that last crucial hit! Your clan is counting on you to score that glorious 2-star victory. But uh-oh, disaster strikes! All your troops have bit the dust, and there stands your queen, along with her pet Lassi, ready to take down the Town Hall and claim the ultimate triumph!

But wait for it, folks – the drama unfolds! Just when victory is within arm's reach, tragedy strikes! Your queen is knocked out, just one measly hit away from securing the Town Hall. Oh, the agony!

If only you had chosen the dynamic duo of Diggy or the Phoenix! They would have swooped in like heroic sidekicks and led you to the sweet land of triumph! But alas, your wrong pet choice has let down your clan!

Know the specialities of each Pet

Now, I know you're probably scratching your head, wondering which pet is the cream of the crop. Fear not, fellow clasher, for we're about to embark on a  journey to uncover the magical abilities of these furry sidekicks. And trust me, this is a pet-exclusive article – we're not talking about anything else! So, put on your pet detective hat and get ready for a wild ride as we explore the wonders of the Pet House!

Crack the Code to Hero-Pet Chemistry

You see, just like peanut butter and jelly, some hero-pet combos are simply a match made in Clash heaven! It's like finding the perfect pair of socks – they just fit like magic!

But hey, if you're scratching your head, wondering how to find that perfect combo, no need to fret! Our experts have been on a wild adventure, testing out all sorts of combos like it's a pet dating show! Swipe left, swipe right – you name it, they've tried it!

And guess what, my dear clashers? They've cracked the code to finding those ultimate hero-pet power couples! It's like they're Cupid, but instead of arrows, they're firing pet treats at heroes!

So, get ready for some pet-tastic wisdom! Our experts are spilling the beans on the top-notch combos in this article. It's time to unleash the secret sauce of hero-pet chemistry!


Is FROSTY the New Best TH15 PET in Clash of Clans?

Oh, Frosty the fabulous pet has strutted into Clash of Clans like a diva on the red carpet! Move over, stars, because Frosty is stealing the show at Town Hall 15! But wait, hold your horses! We've got a lot of frosty fun to unwrap about this icy sensation!

The Ice-cold Stats

Ladies and gents, give a warm (or should I say cool?) welcome to Frosty, the cool pet in town! This icy wonder is the first pet you unlock at Town Hall 15, and boy, does it come with some chilly surprises! Now, you might think Frosty's stats are just like any other pet's – 130 damage per second and 3,300 HP. Nothing too flashy, right? But hey, don't underestimate this frosty feline! It's got some hidden talents up its snowy sleeves!

The Range and Chill Factor

Get this, Frosty is not your average close-combat critter. No way! It prefers to keep its distance, like a superstar avoiding the paparazzi. With a range of three and a half tiles, Frosty can reach over and hit buildings even a tile away from a wall. Talk about some frosty long-range action!

Frosty's Frost Mites

But wait, there's more! Frosty comes with its entourage of frost mites, little helpers that love to chill out on enemy buildings. These tiny terrors slow down the defenses, giving Frosty's attack a real cool-down effect! It's like throwing an ice-cold drink on your enemies – they're left shivering in their boots!

Frosty's Popularity Contest

Now, let's get to the juicy stuff. Frosty's social life! If there were a popularity contest in Clash of Clans, Frosty would be the winner, hands down! A whopping 90% of attacks have Frosty hanging out with the King, while 5% get cozy with the Warden. And the remaining 5%? Well, they must be feeling the fear of missing out, as they didn't use Frosty at all! Oh, the horror!

The Smash Hit with Frosty

Frosty loves to be the star in ground smash attacks, especially when teaming up with the Warden! Together, they make quite the duo – dealing range damage and making defenses feel like they're walking through molasses. Super Bowlers, Super Witches, Titans – they all dig this frosty sensation!

The Regal Affair with the King

And the award for the most entertaining partnership goes to Frosty and the King! This dynamic duo is practically inseparable! Frosty loves chilling out behind the King while he storms through the base, slowing down defenses left and right. It's like a king and his trusty ice knight, taking the kingdom by storm!

But hold your snowballs! Frosty knows how to pick its partners. It knows better than to hang out with the Queen or the Royal Champion. They're just too fast for this cool cat to keep up! No hard feelings, Frosty, we get it!

And there you have it, chief – Frosty's fabulous feats in Clash of Clans! So, whether you're smashing through enemy bases or storming in with your King, Frosty is here to freeze the competition and keep the party cool! Now, go forth, my frosty friends, and let the icy mayhem commence! Let's give 'em the cold shoulder and bring home the victory in style! Stay frosty, Clashers!


Is DIGGY the New Best TH15 PET in Clash of Clans?

Meet the newest pet on the block that unlocks sixth in the pet house – Diggy! Hold on to your wizard hats because things are about to get seriously funny!

Diggy, the Pet with a Secret Identity

Alright, folks, meet Diggy, the undercover pet who thinks it's a miner! This sneaky fella burrows underground faster than a mole chasing worms after a rainy day. But don't be fooled by the pickaxe – Diggy's got some surprise moves up its paws!

The Stun-tastic Shenanigans

Say hello to Diggy's impressive trick – the three-second stun! Yep, you heard it right! Diggy's got a stunning personality. It zaps those defenses, leaving them starstruck and unable to fight back. If Clash of Clans had a talent show, Diggy would take the crown!

The Royal Partner-in-Crime!

Now, let's talk about Diggy's BFF – the Royal Champion! They're like the dynamic duo of the game. Diggy targets whatever the Royal Champion is eyeing, making it the perfect sidekick. Imagine the Royal Champion going all, "I choose you, Diggy!" and the pet's like, "I'm with you till the end, buddy!"

Oh boy, this is where the fun multiplies! You know how the Royal Champion usually struggles with single infernos? Well, Diggy's got the magic touch! As soon as the RC starts her fiery strike, Diggy pops up and goes, "Surprise, Inferno! I'm here to stun you!"

Diggy and the Royal Champion can crash any party in the most stylish way! Whether it's a sui Lalo, a smash, or even a dragon attack – they've got the moves like Jagger! Defenses cower in laughter as they team up to give the enemies a serious beatdown!


Diggy's Clustered Problem

So, as funny as Diggy is, it's not all smooth sailing. When defenses are targetting the RC all at once, Diggy's stun can't reach them all. It's like trying to high-five a whole bunch of friends at once – someone always gets left out! But don't worry, we've got some tricks up our sleeves to handle this situation!

Chaos – Enemy Heroes and CC Troops!

Now, here's where things get tougher! Enemy Heroes and CC troops are like the nightmares of Clash of Clans. They crash Diggy's stunning ability and cause some serious chaos! Diggy's stun doesn't work on them, and they're all like, "Ha! Nice try, furball!" But hey, we've got some superhero moves to deal with these villains!

Cleanup Duo!

Even with the challenges, Diggy and the Royal Champion make an unbeatable duo for cleanup! They're like the janitors of Clash of Clans, sweeping away the mess and leaving everything spick and span! Watch out defenses, the cleanup crew is here.

In conclusion, Diggy is not just another pet – it's the star of the show! With its stun-tastic moves, it brings fun to every Clash of Clans battlefield. So, if you're looking to add some stun'ing victory to your attacks, Diggy is your paw-fect choice!


Is POISON LIZARD the New Best TH15 PET in Clash of Clans?

It's time to meet the toxic pet at Town Hall 15 - the Poison Lizard! This little guy might be small, but he's got some sassy moves and a poison touch that'll make enemy troops weak. So, grab your antidotes to be safe before we know more about the Poison Lizard!

The personal Headhunter

Now, this speedy critter might seem like a party animal, but he's got some tricks up his scaly sleeve. When paired with a hero, he becomes the hero's very own Headhunter, taking out enemy troops and heroes like it's nobody's business! But hold on, there's a catch - this lizard can't help but run ahead of your hero, leaping into danger like a wild adventurer without a map!

Hyper-active Pet

If you're using a Queen Charge or Warden walk, ready to conquer the battlefield, and your Poison Lizard would go racing to the front like a hyperactive puppy! We swear, this little dude needs a leash or something! So, if you're planning a Warden walk or Queen Charge, better leave this speedy fella at home, or he'll be in enemy territory faster than you think!

Pair up with Melee Troops

But fear not, dear Clashers, for the Poison Lizard has his shining moments too! When paired with the Warden on a Queen Charge Hybrid or Mass Hog attack, he knows how to party! Those Hybrid troops love to soak up damage for him, and he can chomp through those pesky Skeleton Traps and defensive Heroes with ease. It's like a party buffet - the Poison Lizard's got some real appetite for destruction!

Jealousy support

Now, if you're feeling adventurous, you can slap this feisty fella on your Royal Champion too. But beware, she might get jealous of his speedy moves! However, if you want your RC to get in front and face the enemy heroes early on, well, the Poison Lizard will be there, ready to lend a poisonous hand.

Unleash your creativity

So, is the Poison Lizard the new best pet in Clash of Clans? Well, he's definitely got the sass and the poison to make his mark, but it's all about finding the right moments to unleash his inner havoc. When paired with the perfect hero and a dash of creativity, this speedy sidekick can leave enemy troops gagging on his poison.

That's a wrap about the Poison Lizard, fellow Clashers! Next time you venture into the battlefield, consider inviting the Poison Lizard to your party - just don't let him run wild like a party-crasher on a sugar rush!


Is PHOENIX the New Best TH15 PET in Clash of Clans?

So, you may be wondering, what's the deal with the Phoenix? Well, let me tell you – this pet is like the ultimate wingman for your hero! It stays cooped up in its egg until your hero kicks the bucket, and then it bursts out like a champ, giving back your fallen hero for a brief moment of invincibility!

Your King's Fiery Sidekick

When your fearless King charges into battle, tanking hits left and right, drawing the attention of every defense like a magnet and as he teams up with the Phoenix – it's like having a personal bodyguard who's got his back, ready to extend the King's time in the spotlight! The Phoenix works like your hero's secret weapon, making sure he sticks around to cause some serious damage.

A Dynamic Duo Against Ring Bases

And who said Phoenix pets are just for the King? The Queen can also team up with this fiery friend, especially in tricky situations like dealing with those annoying ring bases! After taking down the town hall, the Queen can often find herself in the poisonous TownHall bomb and also hit by defenses. But with the Phoenix by her side, she gets a little extra time to wreak havoc before she says her final goodbye!

Diggy's Temporary Substitute

Now, it's true that some situations call for different buddies, like the trusty Diggy, who's perfect for stunning multiple defenses at once with his digging antics. The RC might also get a taste of the Phoenix action in some super niche situations where the Diggy won't be able to stun multiple defenses that are hitting the RC but the Phoenix can keep the Royal Champion alive through all the defenses.

The Warden's Student

But hey, let's be real – the Warden is already the big boss of surviving, so he's got his own exclusive pet party to attend! No need for a Phoenix entourage when the Warden himself has an access to the longevity club, aka the Eternal Tome!

The After Life

Now, here's the catch – after those invincible 8 seconds, your hero might still end up taking a permanent vacation to the respawn point, but the Phoenix? Oh, it's just getting started, folks! This feathery friend will keep strutting its stuff, taking on the role of a regular troop, ready to join the battle fray!

Best hero to pair with Phoenix

So, who's the lucky hero that gets to hang out with this fiery legend? Drumroll, please... it's none other than the King himself! He'll be out there grabbing all the attention from defenses, living the high life while the phoenix holds down the fort! Together, they're like the ultimate party duo, smashing through defenses and leaving enemies in ashes!

Phoenix, the ultimate feathered companion is  ready to add a touch of fiery flair to your battles! Team up with this sizzling sidekick and let the fun begin!


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