New Duo ūüíé Exclusive Pack

Learn more about our most Exclusive TH16 Duo Pro Base Pack.
Exclusive Duo Pro Packūüíé - Blueprint CoC

We introduce to you The TH16 Exclusive Duo Pro Base Pack!

Our Exclusive Pack features our Top Level Pro Pass Test bases limited to very few customers!

Here are answer to the few FAQs which you might have in your mind.

Why create an Exclusive Duo Pro Base Pack?

When we first started, this new collection focus on exclusivity products with just a few slots open, one of the main reasons behinds this was to be able to give our most competitive customers a premium, exclusive service. To give them a chance to access our top level TH16 ESL & Legends Bases in a way that is as close as possible to buying CoC Custom Pro Bases.

As always, in Blueprint CoC we interact and chat with our community constantly. A big percentage of our highest Town Hall level members were asking for a pack that combines our Best Pro Builders with our Best Pro Coaches.

At the same time, the best pushers were in need of legend bases regularly, and competitive players also needed bases for leagues & ESL! Not everyone can afford to buy so many customized base layouts every season.

That's exactly why this pack was the perfect match for a lot of our clients. Why is one of our best-selling packs. And why you will miss the chance to take one of the slots if you don't buy it the same day that it is announced.

Who builds these TH16 Duo Pro Bases?

The good thing about ordering base layouts in blueprint is that you can be sure no matter who takes care of your bases, since we have the best base builder and pro coach roster in the entire word, without any discussion.

But in this case, that's one of the advantages of having so many pro base builders to chose for these exclusive packs. Each time we pick the one builder and one coach, we select the base builder that is most dominant through his defenses for his teams at the moment and along with a Pro Coach who tests the bases from the builder before they get used by the team.

How many Pro Bases are in this Exclusive Pack?

The idea is to give our customers the perfect number of bases to use from the start to the end of the season, with heavy-tested bases for the meta of ESL. 

Two Pro TH16 Pass-Test bases built exclusively for the latest meta at ESL & Legends. Our Top Quality Blueprint CoC Base layouts.

Next to each base design, you will see the name of each Pro Builder that has worked on each specific base, so you can know from who is the base you are using each time. The Builders them self added comments related to the testing and tweaking part which was done with Pro Coach, and they worked on them the exact same way they do with their pro teams.

So yes, you already noticed, this is the best way to have your Clash of Clans account ready for top level competitive clash. You won't be disappointed; these five designs are built, tested, and tweaked by the two hottest Builder & Coach combo of the team. 

When we can expect a new Pack released?

This Pack will be announced for only the fastest 10 customers and without a planned schedule. We will release three packs each month, so you can cover all your needs, with bases for both Legends & ESL featured in a single pack.

After you order, If you were able to buy before the pack was sold out, you will receive these bases instantly through email. Link, Clan Castle, and comments by the builder included.

Two Pro TH16 bases for less than the price of one are ready for you on the days that help the more during the season.

If it shows sold out, be patient, wait for some days and find out which five builders are on the next one. It is the perfect fit for all the top league players or legends pushers or enthusiasts worldwide that are planning to improve his/her competitive clash play and defenses along with legends league push. 

In Conclusion. Why buy the TH16 Duo Pro Pack?

In this Pack, you get the most premium ESL & Legends combined Base Pack we offer at Blueprint CoC. It is also the only Pack with synergic effort of Pro Coach & Pro Builder!

  • The most exclusive¬†Blueprint CoC Duo Pro Base Pack is one of its kind
  • Bases from our Top Builder &¬†tested by our Top Pro Coach
  • Access to our most expensive Top Quality¬†Pass Test Pro¬†Bases
  • Layouts for both legend & ESL from experts in one pack
  • And comments of the builders rewarding the testing and tweaking process
    NEW TH16 Exclusive Duo Pro Base Pack at Blueprint CoC

The Newest TH16 Duo Pro Exclusive Base Pack

Hey everyone! Vitamin B is important for crazy defenses! Get your Vitamin Blue now as a new Blue Bases!

  • Want to dominate ESL with someone who is already doing?¬†Our newest most Exclusive Duo Pro Pack is made to help you defend with the bases tested by smash mastermind himself, Kingsman!

  • Limited to 10 Customers, making the bases Super Exclusive!

  • Crazy Traps & Strong Builds¬†made by creative combo and synergistic effort of¬†Pro Builder & Pro Coach!
‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†LIMITED to 5 Customers ONLY¬†‚¨ÖÔłŹ

5 BASES of Different Styles
 Exclusive Combo of ESL Builders

NEW TH16 Exclusive Duo Pro Base Pack at Blueprint CoC

1ÔłŹ‚É£¬†‚ĒčTRYHARD‚Ēč ESL -¬†Anti 2¬†Compact core, spread out flanks and damage zones, closed corner comps and rage towers based backend and hard to path base!
2ÔłŹ‚É£¬†‚ĒčTRYHARD‚Ēč War¬†-¬†Anti 2¬†Double rage towers based, spread-baits, well protected TH, spread flanks, and heavy damage based flanks!
‚ě°ÔłŹ 2¬†Pro¬†Pass Test TH16 Bases¬†‚¨ÖÔłŹ¬†¬†
Heavily Tested by Pro Coach, Latest Meta bases from the best builders!   

Remember, it's only ūüĒí
 10 SLOTS  
Clocks & Slots don't wait for Anyone!   


‚¨áÔłŹ¬†Get Yours NOW¬†¬†‚¨áÔłŹ

Exclusive Duo Pro Packūüíé


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