New TH15 ELITE LEGENDS Special ⭐ Limited Pack

Here you gooo!! Elite Legend bases are here.
New TH15 ELITE LEGENDS Special ⭐ Limited Pack - Blueprint CoC


Searching for Legends Bases and tired of getting tripled?
We have got something special for you straight from the God Squad! 

We asked the most well known and reputed Legends builders of the community to unite and prepare the Pack which will help you dominate like never before!

The God Squad group of the most known Legends Builders, also known to be the helping hand for many top finishes in Clash's Legends World!

Four Pro TH15 Bases for less than the price of one. This pack is the most affordable way to try one of our highest-level bases. You won't be disappointed; these four designs are built, tested, and tweaked hard for the various desginated trophy ranges. 

Elite Legends Base Pack, a Limited Edition Pack by Blueprint CoC

The Elite Legends Base Pack 💎 Limited Edition is a pack made by Legendary Legend League Builders of the Community! These Builders are known to be behind the most robust defensive performances of many top push finishes, often finishing top themselves! It's time to raise the bar so that nobody else can even think of catching up!

Top Quality Designs, 4 Pro TH15 Pass-Test bases built exclusively for the latest meta at Legends. These bases come with comments on the testing and tweaking part, and they have been made the same way Professional Teams work. These comments will help you switch the baits and use the bases long-term!

4 Top Legends & 4 Top Legend Bases you don't want to miss!

➡️ AGENT33 (5400+) - Split core, heavy baited, compact box style, open comps., hard to path

➡️ DIMA (5600+) - Teaser style heavy backend box shaped base, Multiple isolated cores, heavy damage zones

➡️ GENERAL X (5800+) - Diamond style, light TH comp. With heavy backend baits and spread out flanks!

➡️ END (6000+) - Classic style box with segmented core and channels throughout making it hard to path!



Elite Legends Base Pack, a Limited Edition Pack by Blueprint CoC


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Thanks for reading us until the end, hope you enjoyed it and as always Use Code BLUE in game! 

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