New Anti Air Spam 💎 Limited Pack

Counter the annoying Super Dragons!
New Anti Air Spam 💎 Limited Pack

Hello everyone!  We have been working for a couple of weeks on this, and is finally ready to be launched!  We present you our newest Special Edition product!  


This one is probably the pack we have had more requests for.
 We have focused on getting ready for those triples  that come in Legends and War with these annoying Air Spams.   

TH14 Anti Air Spam  Limited Edition ! ┋This is a pack made to cause a significant advantage on defence when you face a rival that use to play with the air spam, especially Super Dragons.  

Top Quality Designs, five Pro TH14 Pass-Test bases built exclusively for the latest meta at Legends & CWL/ESL. Next to each design, you will have the name of each Pro Builder. These bases come with comments related to the testing and tweaking part, and they have been made the exact same way Professional Teams work.

:1_number:  Non-Symmetric Anti 3 with multiple isolated cores
:2_number:  Symmetric Anti 2 with weird compartments and non-chainable defenses
:3_number:  Multi-purpose Box, hard to plan in limited time and heavy baits!
:5_number:  Teaser-style diamond base with heavily baited backed TH
:builder_panda: Built/Tested/Tweaked by
 You will receive the bases instantly! GET YOURS! 

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