TH15 Rage Base Pack ⭐ Limited Edition

Make your enemies rage quit with the creative use of Rage Towers!
TH15 Rage Base Pack - Limited Blueprint CoC

TH15 Rage Base Pack

You wear a black suit to look gentlemanly and use a Blue Base to defend yourself in top competitions!

You must be coming across multiple bases with rage towers and struggling on them! When used creatively, Rage Tower can be toxic and cause your enemies to struggle, or even rage quit!

You are lucky because we have the best of the best at Blueprint CoC. And this Pro Base Pack is a one-time opportunity with exclusive Clash of Clans Layouts made only for you to showcase the creativity of our Rage squad!

Our Rage Squad, the group of builders known for their creative spell tower usage with toxic builds, made this pack for YOU!

Th15 Rage Base pack Limited Edition - by BlueprintCoC

1️⃣ ┋GHOST :CoC_ESL:
 - Open comps, spread baits (bit heavy on TH) & backend with segmented core to make pathing tough!

2️⃣ ┋END :bp_legendleague: 5600+ - Heavy & compartmentalized core, multiple open & heavy baited comps, exposed TH based with wide middle base!

3️⃣ ┋KAZUMA :CoC_ESL: Box - Hard path, big core, heavy flanking baits, multiple dead zones based, multiple isolated defensive islands!

TH15 Rage Base Pack - Limited Blueprint CoC

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