Agent33 Master Class ⚔️ QC Twin Hogs

Join Agent33 in this Master Class Session
Agent33 Master Class ⚔️ QC Twin Hogs

New Blueprint CoC Coaching Master Class 

We keep raising the bar and help you learn from the best Pros in the World!

We thought to organize a Master Class from our Veteran Coach from US, Agent33, to give everyone a chance to learn the tips to improve execution and master the pro and tactical strategy in game, QC Twin Hogs! His knowledge about the game is immense and can be helpful to any clash player ranging from New TH15 to Pros!

Introducing... Agent33 QC Twin Hogs Master Class


Making our next Clash of Clans Master Class Extra Special for YOU we have none other than Agent33  himself as the Coach for this Master Class!

He will be teaching you the execution and base judgement to decide how to use and recover in case needed!

Agent33 Master Class ⚔️ QC Twin Hogs - By BlueprintCoC

In this Blueprint CoC Coaching Master Class, he will explain QC Twin Hogs 
(QC & followup hogs + super hogs), tactical yet versatile and one of the strongest strategy in the game as well as one of the specialities of Agent33! He will teach you the execution and base judgment to decide how to exploit weaknesses of the various base styles

Agent33 is known for his CoC base identification and base breakdown with; he judges the base very well & breaks it down to small pieces and execute his plans with perfection!


In what consists these new Blueprint CoC Master Classes?

Our Unique Clash of Clans Master Class features World Renowned Pros taking their strengths and sharing them with you in one concise yet highly knowledgeable Master Class!

1 Hour Session composed of around 50 minutes with the Pro on Voice going through all the most essential things to master the specific Clash of Clans topic, and around 10 more minutes answering some questions about the session or other exciting things.

If you BUY one of these tickets you will be also getting the VIDEO, so if you miss a part or whole Class, you can rewatch it to learn the Key Points you missed! Anytime - Anywhere!

You will also have a Special Discount for the next CoC Master Class. Not counting that you will be part of the start of this new project that hopes soon becomes a must thing for every passionate clash player.


Master Class Agent33

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