Jojo23 Master Class ⚔️ Super Bowlers Smash

Enjoy Jojo's Super Bowler Smash Coaching Session
First Blueprint CoC Coaching ⚔️ Master Classes - Blueprint CoC
We started CoC Coaching and Group Sessions with big groups before anyone else, and like always others followed. But this time we have finally ready our newest Coaching project.

This message is longer than normal, but we had to explain you well how are these Master Classes going to work, please take the time to read it, you won't regret it.



We will have
the best Clash of Clans Pros in the world explaining in detail the strategies tips and tricks they have mastered, in this one-time unique Master Class.

1 Hour Session composed of around 40 minutes with the Pro on Voice going through all the most essential things to master the specific topic, and around 20 more minutes answering some questions about the session or other exciting things.

If you BUY one of these tickets you will be also getting the VIDEO so is not big deal if you can't make it at that time, and this way you can re-watch it whenever you want!

You will also have a Special Discount for the next Master Class. Not counting that you will be part of the start of this new project that hopes soon becomes a must thing for every passionate clash player.                               

Jojo23 Clash of Clans Blueprint CoC Coaching Master Class with Super Bowlers Smash
And of course, we wanted to start with no other than the Goat himself, Jojo23! Four accounts in the top 10 of Legends League Leader Board, three of them being #1, #2, and #4.
In this Blueprint CoC Coaching Master Class, he will be explaining the army he has mastered to the fullest in this Legend League Season. The SuperBowlers/Titans Smash is undoubtedly one of the best Clash of Clans Attacks at Town Hall 15, and he is by far the best at it.

Check out a small teaser of what you will find in the Master Class below!

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In case you want to have a look at Jojo23 in action, you can watch our latest 2 YouTube Videos where we see him using this incredible strategy at the top of the Clash of Clans Legend League.

Check out our Legend League Attacks Blog or go directly to the two YouTube Videos. 
  • The #1 Clash of Clans PLAYER in the WORLD Crushes every TOXIC RING BASE! YouTube Video
  • YouTube Video

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