A new Builder 🏆 is joining the team

Welcome Kazuma to the Blue family!
A new Builder 🏆 is joining the team - Blueprint CoC

We are glad to announce that we have an incredible addition to our team of Legend Builders.

Coming from Japan, Welcome Kazuma to the Blue family!
Outstanding Player and Builder, he has many years of experience at the top

One of the Most well-known pushers and the man who made his appearence in the 2021 World Championship, we are delighted to have him on our team of builders!
Builder of QW Stephanie clash of clans bases.
He focuses on Legend Bases and will provide some OP Bases for you with his experience!

And to celebrate this, we have our classic :Fire_2: GIVEAWAY!!! 1 Gold Pass,1 Extra Care Built by Kazuma himself and 10$ BP Giftcard
To participate, follow the 2 simple steps!
:Twitter~3: https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC/status/1545371498151559169

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