Blueprint App in Apple App Store Now!

BlueprintCoC App is now available on App Store making it super easy to get best bases at your fingertips from Best Pros in World even on Apple devices!
Blueprint App in Apple App Store Now!

Hey everyone! The B in the Blueprint stands for Best, meaning you get the Best Pros, the Best Bases & Coaching Sessions in the Best interactive way possible!

It's time for the Big Project! The Blueprint CoC App, and this time, it will help ignite your passion for the game at your fingertips with just an App!

Blueprint CoC App in App Store

Blueprint CoC is now in App Store

About Blueprint CoC App

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:Blue_diamond:Looking for a new Custom Design Base? We offer the best bases from TH9-TH15 here and also check out our TH15 Pro Bases to bring your enemies to desperation

:Blue_diamond:Do you want to learn directly from the best Players in the world and get your Attack Skills to the Next Level? Then our Coaching Sessions are the right thing for you. 

:Blue_diamond:If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Blueprint news you can check our YouTube Channel, our Twitter Channel and our Discord Server

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