The Best CoC TH11 War Base Link of 2023

Get ready to instill fear in your opponents as our formidable Town Hall 11 War Base delivers an invincible blend of impregnable defenses!
The Best Blueprint CoC TH11 War Base Link of 2023

Hey Clashers,

Welcome to a realm where triumph is not easily granted, but rather earned through the art of strategy, clever tactics, and unyielding defense. We proudly present to you the epitome of a TH 11 War Base - a masterpiece built to withstand the relentless attacks of your opponents. Now is the moment to discover your true potential, assert your dominance on the battlefield, and redefine the concept of victory. Prepare for an adventure like no other!

The Ultimate TH11 War Base to Conquer any War

As you ascend to the prestigious Town Hall 11, you're about to embark on a journey that will test your skills, wit, and ability to defend what's rightfully yours. The TH11 also offers a lot of new units and defenses like the Eagle Artillery, the Grand Warden, Clone spell, the Electro-Dragon and Ice Golem which increases the complexity in attacking and defending. In this blog, we unveil the ultimate Town Hall 11 War Base, specifically crafted to withstand the fiercest attacks and secure your clan's triumph. Prepare to witness the strongest TH11 War Base.

The Unbeatable Clash of Clans TH11 War Base

In the Clash of Clans War arena, a strong defense is the keystone of victory.  With strong layouts and cunningly placed traps to strategically positioned defensive structures, we leave space for the opponents to become victorious against you and the honor of your clan. Every part of this war base is built with precision and high-level base building techniques, making it a true masterpiece of defense that strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to challenge you.

Gain dominance with the Best TH11 War Base Layout

Our TH11 war base helps you with unimaginable defenses, empowering you to emerge victorious on the clan wars. With strong defensive setup, powerful kill zones, and most importantly the perfect placement of traps, this war base ensures that it provides merciless, defenses which makes the opponents impossible to anticipate. Prepare to unleash your full might upon the enemy while keeping your own base secure, leaving a mark on the battlefield.

In the upcoming sections of this blog, we will dissect the intricate details of our Town Hall 11 War Base, revealing its hidden strength and defensive synergies. Get ready to conquer, Clashers, as we equip you with the ultimate weapon in your quest for dominance in Clash of Clans!


Insane TH11 War BASE Layout That Defended 2 TH12 Attacks in CoC 2023

⭐This Insane TH11 War BASE Layout Defended Two TH12 Attacks in Clash of Clans. Enjoy this Insane OP (Town Hall 11) TH11 Base from (Cosmo), one of our customers that defended Electro Dragons, Bowlers Spam, and Dragons, holding even against two TH12 Attack Strategies.

⚒️ Thanks to CJ (Twitter) for adding his analysis to the video. He will be running a new Playlist in the Channel Featuring some of the Pro Bases that did exceptionally well for our Customers, so don't forget to ...

Builder: Teemper
CC: 1 Lava Hound & 1 Loon
Base Link:

Why is this the Best TH11 War Base?


In this video, CJ, one of the builders at Blueprint, mentions a talented base builder named Temper who specializes in building Town Hall 11 bases. If you're interested in purchasing a Town Hall 11 base, CJ highly recommends Temper's designs.

Base Performance:

The base you're about to see has performed exceptionally well in war defenses. It defended successfully in five out of six attacks, with the only three-star attack coming from a Town Hall 12 player. Impressed by its performance, we decided to create this video to analyze the base's strengths and discuss any potential weaknesses.

Analysis of the Airspam Strategy:

Now let's dive into the defenses of the showcased Town Hall 11 base. We'll start by examining a replay of an attack where the attacker used an airspam strategy. The attacker, being a Town Hall 12 player, had maxed out heroes, Electro Dragons, and Balloons. One of the base's strengths that CJ highlights is the clever placement of a storage unit that prevents the chain attack of Electro Dragons.

TH11 vs TH12 Defense

Sweeper Placement:

CJ points out the strategic design features of the base. The placement of the air sweepers, for example, is well-thought-out. It makes it challenging for attackers to enter the base from the bottom side, which is where spam attacks typically come from. The base's layout predicts the attacker's entry point accurately, allowing for a strong defense.

Sweeper placement

Examination of the Ground Spam Strategy:

Moving on, CJ analyzes another replay where the attacker employs a ground spam strategy. Again, the attacker is a Town Hall 12 player attacking a Town Hall 11 base. As the attacker attempts to create a funnel by deploying troops from both sides, the healers get stuck on the queen while the bowlers charge ahead and are killed. The base's layout proves effective in defending against this strategy.

11v11 Attack

Clever placement of Black Mines:

Let's discuss the defense mechanisms of the base. The builder has placed black mines near the air defenses, anticipating that spam attacks would approach from the top where the attacker's early Grand Warden usually leads the charge. This positioning weakens the attacking Electro Dragons. Despite the attacker's imperfect execution, the base's design and defensive capabilities prove successful in repelling the assault.

Showcase of a TH11 vs TH11 Attack:

Now we have a replay featuring a Town Hall 11 attacker using e-dragons, creating a fairer fight between two players of the same Town Hall level. The attacker follows a similar strategy of starting the spam from the top, but the defending base's layout, including the well-placed black mines, proves formidable. The air X-bows in the base's bottom section play a crucial role in overpowering the attacking E-dragons, resulting in a successful defense.

11v11 Attack

Notable Defenses and Base Strength:

Continuing the analysis, let's look at a replay of the first attack made on the base during the war. The attacker attempts to zap a sweeper and enter from a side, but the base's strong defense, including the presence of Clan Castle troops, King, and Grand Warden, along with three X-bows, overpower the attacking dragons. The base builder deserves credit for the solid design that leads to successful defenses.


In conclusion, CJ expresses appreciation for the base's design and defenses. The base showcased in this video will be shared with you, and you can find access to it through the video's description. If you're interested in exploring more
base designs, ranging from Town Hall 11 to 15, we recommend you to visit our Website or Discord channel.


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