The Best CoC TH14 Troll Base Link of 2024

Get your opponents trolled with the Best TH14 Troll Base and add a touch of fun with your defenses. Clash of Clans would be more fun with our Troll Bases!
The Best CoC TH14 Troll Base Link of 2023

Greetings, Town Hall 14 Chiefs!

Are you tired of the same old battles in Clash of Clans? Looking to infuse your gameplay with a burst of excitement and entertainment? Fear not, for we have just the solution to turn your opponents into a bundle of confusion and fun - introducing the uproariously delightful TH14 Troll Base! Brace yourself for some mind-boggling moments that'll leave you chuckling. So, Chief, fasten your virtual seatbelt, for this will be the wildest Clash of Clans adventure ever.

What is a Clash of Clans Troll Base?

Ever wondered about a Clash of Clans Troll Base? Well, the troll base is all about trolling attackers just like a gang of cheeky Goblins.

It's like giving them a virtual banana peel and enjoying the show as they do the slip-and-slide dance! Now, you might think this base is a cakewalk, but hold on, because there's more to it.

It's packed with tricks and traps that'll leave attackers scratching their heads harder than a Barbarian attempting to decipher a book!

The TH14 Troll Base: Where Fun and Clash of Clans Collide!

Get ready to clutch those Hog Riders tightly, because we're about to spill the beans on the ins and outs of this troll-tastic base!

Our brilliant builders, the maestros of defense and game mechanics, twist troop's AI like a magician pulling endless bunnies out of a hat! They lead attackers down a rabbit hole of hilarity, cooking up pranks that'll keep your base cozy and enemies surprised.

Meanwhile, those poor attackers? They'll be left scratching their heads like they're in a riddle contest with no answers in sight! It's as if Clash of Clans turned into a full-fledged circus act, and trust us, it's a show that'll have you in stitches!

How Well Does the TH14 Troll Base Defend?

These bases are like the clowns of Clash of Clans, serving up defenses that'll have you snorting with laughter and replays that might make you laugh so hard you spill your elixir! But wait a second, don't let the chuckles deceive you.

These bases aren't exactly soft targets! They're like that goofy friend who's surprisingly skilled at card tricks, not the easiest to figure out!

So, go on and embrace the chaos in the heat of battle, but don't forget, those veteran attackers might just whip out their secret whoopee cushions to outsmart these comedic masterpieces! Here's to a barrel of laughs, Chief!


The Best TH14 Troll Base ▶️ Blueprint CoC

Prepare to troll like a pro with "The Best TH14 Troll Base." This base is a masterpiece of misdirection, fooling attackers into making costly mistakes. While it may look unconventional, it's filled with strategic surprises that will leave attackers frustrated and your base uncleared. Say goodbye to raiders and hello to a well-protected TH14 base.

The ULTIMATE TH14 TROLL/TEASER BASE with LINK 2024 | CoC Layout Speed BUILD + PROOF Replays

➡️ This time, we have a Town Hall 14 Base. An old-school TH14 Troll Layout built from Scratch by one of our TH14 Base Builders at Blueprint CoC: Ruposh

👀 Hope you enjoy it. Paying attention to the process is unique to look at since you can get in the builder's mind and follow his thinking, and it is also a fantastic way to learn CoC Base Building at the highest level.

Builder: Ruposh
CC: 1 Lavahound - 2 Headhunter - 3 Arches
Base Link:

Skeleton View
*Skeleton View*

Trap View
*Scout View*

Scout View
*Trap View*

So, what's all the buzz about? Well, it's about a TH14 base designed to be a real headache for attackers. This base is all about trolling, and let me tell you, it's a real masterclass in mischief.

Troll Base 101

A troll base, in case you're wondering, is all about messing with your opponent's attack plans. It's like throwing a surprise party and watching your guests stumble around in confusion. Imagine you're trying to solve a puzzle blindfolded—that's what attacking a troll base feels like.

This base was built with a specific goal in mind: defending against, not TH14 but TH15 attacks. That's a tall order, but it's already a big win if it can fend off such powerful opponents. Let's dive into the strategy behind this base.

Splitting Defenses

The genius of this base lies in how it divides its defenses. Each critical defense is in its own compartment, making it challenging for attackers to snipe them. Imagine you're trying to break into a house with multiple locked doors.

You'd need to break through one door, only to find another behind it. It's a time-consuming and troop-draining process.

Confusing the Path

One of the sneakiest tactics here is making the attacker's path unclear. You see, in Clash of Clans, attackers often rely on a specific path to navigate a base. It's like following a map.

But this base messes with that path, forcing attackers to spend more time creating a new route. Time is precious in battles, and this base knows how to make it count.

What About the Traps?

Ah, the traps! This base is like a minefield for attackers. Seeking Air Mines, Air Bombs, and hidden traps are spread out to take down enemy heroes and troops. It's like setting up sneaky traps in a video game, and it's a blast to watch.

Replay Time!

Alright, Clashers, we promised you some action, and here it is! Let's dive right into the replays and see how this TH14 Troll Base fared against various attack strategies.

Replay 1: Super Bowler Smash

In this first replay, we witness an attacker using a Super Baller Smash strategy. They start by deploying the Royal Champion to create a funnel, but the base throws them off with unexpected trap placements.

The attacker invests heavily in funnel troops and tries to clear the path, but time slips away.As they launch the main stage of the attack, they make progress but struggle to navigate the tricky pathing set by the base.

The Queen charges ahead, but the Eagle Artillery compartment proves to be a formidable challenge. The result? A 92% two-star attack - a close call, but no three-star victory.

SBowler Defense

SBowler Defense
*Super Bowler Defense*

Replay 2: Dragons Spam

In this second replay, our attacker goes for a spammy approach with Dragons and Dragon Riders. However, they make a crucial mistake by not bringing Balloons to test for Seeking Air Mines.

The base takes full advantage of this oversight, with the Tesla Farm and Seeking Air Mines causing havoc for the attacker's air troops.The attacker struggles to maintain control, and the attack quickly goes south.

The base's defenses hold strong against the onslaught, leaving the attacker with a 92% two-star result. It's clear that this troll base can handle spammy strategies with finesse.

Dragons Defense

Dragons Defense
*Dragons Defense*

Replay 3: Unconventional hits

Our third replay showcases an attacker who opts for an unconventional approach. They use Super Drags combined with regular Dragons, attempting to funnel into the Eagle Artillery compartment.

However, even with maxed-out heroes and troops, the attacker faces challenges. The base's trap placements, particularly the Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs, disrupt the attacker's plans.

The attacker invests significant time and troops in funneling but still struggles to maintain control over their troops. With a divided attack, the outcome is a 92% two-star result.

Dragons Defense

Dragons Defense
*More Defense 🤓*

A Base That Stands Strong

These replays highlight the versatility of the TH14 Troll Base. It successfully defends against a range of attack strategies, from multi-stage attacks to spammy approaches.

With its clever trap placements, tricky pathing, and split defenses, this base keeps attackers on their toes.

So, if you're tired of attackers breezing through your base, consider giving the TH14 Troll Base a shot. It's a fortress of surprises that can turn the tide in your favor. Happy clashing, Clashers!


So there you have it, Clashers! The epic Teaser Base is ready for action. Try it out, and let your opponents be trolled. Watch out how your defenses get you some fun.

Until then, we'll see you in the Clash arena, and remember, there's a reason why we play for moments like these!


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