Hey, I'm agent. I am from the USA.

I have been playing competitive since before the start of war leagues. I went to Finland for cwl finals with North Watchers in season 4. In 2020-2021 I played for Spacestation Gaming. Currently I play for War & Glory. 2x NA Mobile Open Champion. I also built in the 2020 world championship for the champions, ATN.aTTaX.

I build th14 Legends and ESL style. I also enjoy doing coaching sessions, helping people take their base building, base identification, and planning to the next level!

Hey there, I’m Bob from the Netherlands.

I started building for Faked Wrgsm back when the Champions war League first started. After that I was in 4BIDDEN. Currently I build for STRUT esports 
My main focus is ESL, but I can also build for Legends. Whenever I’m free I like to build and test bases with my clan mates. Don’t hesitate to try one of the exclusive packs !

Hello, my name is Alfonso, I’m from Spain.

I’ve been playing coc for few years, but competitive for 2 only. I have played on Uol, cream real betis (BTS) & now Marcos Gaming.

In 2020 I built for many teams, Tompinai empire, Quuen walkers, atn, Aphelion esports, WHF and many more teams getting some strong defenses in pre qualifiers, qualifiers, LCQ, worlds and many more community leagues!!
Hoping to do better this year! I build esl, Legends & war bases.

Excited and happy to be part of the BP team and looking forward helping you with op defenses and what ever you need!

:Iconblue_Twitter: @alfons0c

Hi my name is CJ, From Norway

I started playing competitively back in 2018 for Resistance and the Asian team Hama, afterwards I moved on to Indiefox esports.

Right now I am playing for Bushido, and I am more focused on making ESL bases, although I can also make CWL and Legends bases.

I am super excited to be part of Blueprint and hope to make you some OP bases, and we can all thank Minjun for getting me where I am at.

:Iconblue_Twitter: @CJ_Clash101


Hey, I'm Jonas (20) from Germany aka General X

I play CoC nearly since the release and competetive for over 2 years now. Right now I'm really proud to be a part of Repotted Gaming. A team with several achievements last year, like second place in the ESL Mobile and ESL Meisterschaft. 👊

I was always interested in building bases and I think over the last year, together with my Team, I grew into one of the top Base Builders out there. 🤟

I personally put heart and Soul into every base I make. I'm always trying to implement new and sometimes crazy stuff, so I could build the best and trickiest bases for you all out there. 🙌

Let‘s defend together 🤝 💙

Hi I'm End from China

I have been in the building scene since TH10 and I have built thousands of bases since then.

I have archived many things during all this years and I have help many Pro teams with my bases but the most remarkable would be WC 2019 Nova 🥇 2020 WC Nichang Dance🎖️and WC 2021 QueeN Walkers 🥈

I'm actually playing in QW Stephanie as 6th player and base builder and I love make legends bases!

Hola 🙂 I’m Ghost from the USA.

I have been playing for roughly 7 years now. I currently play for Chasmac Gaming and the main builder for the team.

I have been known for building 13/15 bases in the TH12 Cup Finals for WHF in 2019, building for JX Tigers, building for 2021 SpaceStation Gaming team in Qualifiers, built for recent Golden Ticket winners M.S Esports, and many more!

I build th14 Legends and ESL style. Look forward to provide some OP defenses for you all! GO BLUE💙

:Iconblue_Twitter: @GhstCoc

Hey guys, I'm Marc from Germany.

I've been playing CoC for 8 years now with a few breaks. When I started playing again in 2019 I also started seriously with Basebuilding. I have played for B3astmod3 and 4BIDDEN in the past, now I'm playing for J' Off and Aphelion Titans.

I built a few Worlds Bases for Badzinger in 2021 and was able to get nice defences against some of the best players in the world.

My focus for Blueprint are TH 14 War, Esl and CWL Style Bases. I hope u will enjoy them. 🔥
Use Code BLUE 👊 💙

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @Marc_TGG

Hello! I'm Kazuma Clash of Clans Pro Player from Japan.

I was in Aphelion eSports since 2021 where we finished 5th place in Worlds Final 2021. Now I'm part of the QueeN Walkers Stephanie Squad. ✨

I'm a legend league pusher fighting for Top10 Global every Season! My focus is on Legend League Bases. I started building LL Bases not long ago, but they work surprisingly well. 🌚

Now, It is time to make more bases and grow myself as a Base Builder. Thanks to Blueprint for the opportunity, happy to be part of this stacked team of Genius Builders. 🛠️

:Iconblue_Twitter: @Kazuma_coc_

Hey, I’m Mech from Germany

I’m 🥈Vice european and german champ with Repotted Gaming. Furthermore addicted to Base Building since about 3 years and still love that part of the game.

My focus here at Blueprint will be on TH14 esl style bases. I’m also glad to be a part of this incredible team. Hope you enjoy my bases!!

:Iconblue_Twitter: @mech_coc

Hello Guys! I'm Moktar from Bangladesh.

I have been playing CoC for more than 7 years. Started playing competitive from CWL S2 in Bangladesh AKA BDFPC and won many titles there including MLCW, CWL Rising S3, Invite S5. My best achievement was to win Invite, where we pretty much defeated every clan we faced and it was only possible because of our OP BB team. Have been building in competitive arena since then. Currently playing in GOODFELLAS team.

I build bases(TH14) in all formats (ESL/CWL/LEGENDS). But I like to build especially for ESL format.

Glad to be a part of this amazing squad. GO BLUE 🔥 ❤️

:Iconblue_Twitter: @Moktar145

Hello, I am Remy from France.

I played 2 qualifiers in 2020 with Activit-E and MCES, in 2021 we reached the European champion's title with MCES 🔥 I am now an official builder of MS Esports.

I am focusing on TH14 ESL/CWL bases where I can put my attacker's eyes for the testing and tweaking 🎈. And this year I am focus 100% on the build side !
I love to do some creative base where I put some easter egg (words or draws) to defend big teams 😁

Hope you'll enjoy my work 🥰

:Iconblue_Twitter: @Remy_O_coc

Howzit guys, I'm Sir iron from Germany.

I am playing CoC for close to 9 years now. I currently play in the 6er Team of STRUT!

Formerly I played in ATN.aTTaX where we managed to win the 2020 World Championship, the 4/4 German ESL Meisterschaft and twice the European ESL Mobile Open. In the past I was Co-Leader in Faked Wargasm and won the CWL S3 Finals in Estonia against OH! Furthermore I was in TG/DL in 2019 went to Katowice with a DL Team in July/2019 and ended up being the Coach and Main Basebuilder of the TG Team at the CoC Worldcup 2019 in Hamburg where we finished 4th. In 2019 I also managed to win both the ESL TH7 and TH9 Cups! 👑

I mainly build TH14 bases, enjoy! 🥰

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @Sirironheart

Hi ! I'm Synthé from France.

I was in MCES since july 2019 where we finish Vice-Champion on World's Championship (TH12) + European Champion in 2021 (TH14) 👊
Now I'm in M.S Esports (Stephanie Team) 🔥

I've been playing the game over 7 years, i have play all TH but a bit more TH7 (first TH7 Legend) and TH9 with some bigs trophy pushing. Now i play only TH14.

I started to build more seriously last year, I'm a good baiter 😝
I will try to share my experience with some TH14 designs for Legend League and ESL 👊 I hope you enjoy my work 🥰


Hey guys! I am Martinez from Spain.

I started building 4 years ago, of which the last 3 professionally. I have had experience in tournaments like mlcw, ndl , cwl etc. Proud to be able to help the Spanish team defensively in the tournaments he has participated in.

Although I build at all levels, I focus on th12, so in Blueprint I focus on fulfilling almost all orders of this level. I think my specialty should be building weird designs, they almost always attack me last. I don't know if it's good or bad 😂

I am very grateful for the opportunity that was given to me to be part of this great family. I hope my bases can give you the advantage you deserve🤭

:Iconblue_Twitter: @_MartinezCoC_


Hey, I’m TryHard from France.

I play in Strut team. I started to build designs seriously 4 years ago with the announcement of the first CoC World Cup where I reached the grand final 🔥

I’ll try to share my experience the best I can with TH14 ESL/CWL and War bases 🥰 Hope you enjoy my work!


Hi guys I'm Elarre from Spain.

I started playing Clash of Clans in 2013 as a farm player. I became competitive Clash of clans player in 2019 starting from Zolokotroko Top and I'm in  CRB nowadays.

I started building TH9s in July 2020, nowadays I build TH14 only for some well known teams such as M.K.M.A, Nolex, KOG, Eleven, Golden X, Vatang, HT family, Aphelion and for some others. Happy to have this opportunity at Blueprint and hope you love my designs.


G'day! I'm Alex from Australia

I have been playing for 7 years, competitively around 2 years. I'm currently playing E-sports with Destroyers. I am the Official Builder for; Vengeful Noobs, RVNT and VN Tompinai.

Last year, i helped Aphelion E-sports in LCQ and 2021 World Championships were they finished 5th! This year, my bases have helped many teams like Strut, CMG, Resistance, VN and many more!

It's a pleasure to be part of Blueprint. I specialize in TH14 ESL bases, however can build all styles. Hope to see you using my bases to help you defend in your wars



Hi! I'm Choco from JAPAN.

I've been playing COC for 7-8 years. 😍 I play in Team Ninja. Participated in 2021WC as Aphelion eSports👍

Last year, I have created designs for many teams such as GX.TGG and MKMA 👍
And at the 2021 LCQ and WC, I was in charge of the BB at Aphelion! ☺️

I'm really happy to join this awesome team of Pros, and I hope I can create many 🛠️ bases that you guys love!


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