Rubble Rumble Community Event - Clash of Clans

Are you ready to rumble? Dive into the Rubble Rumble event where you can claim your free 1000x shiny ore! It's time to demolish Town Halls and unlock epic rewards. Don't miss out on the excitement – read on to learn more!

Hey Clashers!

Are you ready for some smashing action? Get your hammers ready because it's time to tear down some Town Halls in the exciting Rubble Rumble event! Starting from March 21st at 03:00 pm HEL time until March 28th at 03:00 pm HEL time, this global challenge is calling all Clash of Clans players to come together and show off their demolition skills.

Rubble Rumble Event - Tear Down the Town Hall!

In Clash of Clans, upgrading and destroying Town Halls is what we do best, and now it's time to showcase our expertise. The Rubble Rumble event challenges each and every one of you to destroy as many Town Halls as possible. Let's band together and prove just how skilled we are at bringing down these iconic structures.

Milestones & Rewards:

To spice things up, we've set some milestones for you to aim for. Check them out:

  • Milestone #1: Destroy 100 million Town Halls
  • Milestone #2: Destroy 220 million Town Halls
  • Milestone #3: Destroy 450 million Town Halls

And here's the best part – for each milestone you achieve, you'll unlock even sweeter rewards! Keep an eye on your in-game inbox to track the event's progress.

Special Bonuses Await!

But wait, there's more! Depending on how many milestones we reach, special bonuses will be unlocked:

  • 1 Goal Achieved: Enjoy a Star Bonus x2
  • 2 Goals Achieved: Get a Star Bonus x3
  • 3 Goals Achieved: Unlock a Star Bonus x4

*The bonus will be activated on March 29th at 08:00 AM HEL (UTC+2) and will last for 4 days, ending on April 1st at 08:00 AM HEL (UTC+2).

Even More Rewards!

If we manage to reach the final milestone, everyone will receive a fantastic reward of 500 Shiny and 100 Glowy Ore! Who doesn't love shiny loot?

Free Clash of Clans Shiny Ore

Chiefs! We've got a special treat just for you as a token of our appreciation for your ongoing support! We're thrilled to announce that we're giving away 1000 Shiny Ore to our amazing Clash of Clans community. And the best part? You can claim this shiny loot once per village! So don't wait around – claim your free 1000x Shiny Ore now, power up your heroes, and let's go wreak havoc on those Town Halls!

🎁 Claim your Free 1000x Shiny Ore now!

Spread the Word!

We'll be reminding you about the event on our social channels, so keep an eye out for updates. Plus, we'll have some freebies available because we know how much you all love getting free stuff!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's rally our clans, sharpen our swords, and get ready to crush those Town Halls into rubble! The Rubble Rumble event awaits – see you on the battlefield, Clashers!

Remember, together, we can achieve anything in Clash of Clans!

Happy Clashing!

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