Top 3 TH16 Super Dragon Attacks for the Spotlight Event

Embark on an epic journey through the Clash of Clans Super Dragon Spotlight Event as we unveil the "Top Super Dragon Attack Strategies". We've got all the tips and tricks you need to dominate the battlefield in this Event!
Top 3 TH16 Super Dragon Attacks for the Spotlight Event

Welcome, Clashers!

To our latest blog where we dive into the exciting realm of Clash of Clans! We're thrilled to unveil the top three Super Dragon armies that are dominating the battlefield. With the Super Dragon Spotlight event in full swing, it's time to harness the power of these majestic beasts and conquer bases like never before. So, buckle up and get ready to witness some epic strategies unfold!

Super Dragon Spotlight Event - Clash of Clans

Supercell keeps the excitement alive with regular events, ensuring players never tire of the classic gameplay. This time, they've rolled out the thrilling Super Dragon Spotlight Event, placing the spotlight squarely on the awe-inspiring Super Dragon. Plus, there's an added bonus with the unveiling of the new Grand Warden Hero Equipment: the Fireball. For all the juicy details about this event, don't forget to swing by our Super Dragon Spotlight Event blog!

Best TH16 Super Dragon Armies for the Spotlight Event

The event is live but how do you get the most out of this event? Did you know using Super Dragon in your multiplayer battles or Legend League hits get you more of the Event Resource: the Ice Cubes? That's the sole reason we got this blog. We will be showcasing the Best TownHall 16 Super Dragon Attack Strategies ranging from easy to even easier (Yeah, Clash of Clans isn't hard anymore!)


▶️ Top 3 Best TH16 Super Dragon Attack Strategies for the Spotlight Event

We're excited to offer not just one, but three potent Super Dragon Attack Strategies! Each of these armies packs a punch, but the way they're executed varies. The decision is yours to make – choose the strategy that best fits your style! Let's dive in!

TOP 3 SUPER DRAGON Attacks for the Spotlight EVENT | Best Strategy Clash of Clans TH16

▶️ The Super Dragon should be as popular as ever, not only because of the event but also due to its strength in this meta. But now that you can take 3 super troops with the army, Hooked will show you his 3 favorite attack strategies with the troop.

Super Minion Clone Blimp: Breaking Through Anti-2 Bases

Picture this: a relentless swarm of Super Dragons raining destruction upon enemy bases. That's the essence of the Super Minion Clone Blimp army, designed to crush anti-2 bases with ease. By combining the Super Dragon with Rocket Balloons, we pave a path of destruction, ensuring that no defense stands in our way.

The key here lies in strategic deployment. While some may opt for hounds, we prefer Rocket Balloons for their versatility and ability to dismantle defenses effectively. As our Super Dragons storm through the base, supported by heroes on the sidelines, victory becomes inevitable. Even the dreaded Clan Castle troops are no match for our meticulously planned assault. With precise spell usage and expert funneling, this army reigns supreme.

Mass Super Dragons: Unleashing Devastation with Spell Support

Imagine an army of Super Dragons backed by a plethora of spells, ready to unleash havoc upon unsuspecting foes. That's the Mass Super Dragons army in action. With a combination of brute force and spell support, we obliterate defenses and claim victory with finesse.

While the primary strategy revolves around using the Flame FL spell to set up funnels or target key defenses, flexibility is the name of the game. Whether it's blimping the Town Hall or deploying heroes strategically, adaptability ensures success. Despite occasional setbacks, such as inadvertently triggering Clan Castle troops, the sheer strength of this army shines through. With proper spell management and tactical prowess, victory is always within reach.

Queen Charge Recall Super Dragons: Maximizing Hero Potential

Prepare for a masterclass in hero synergy with the Queen Charge Recall Super Dragons army. This sophisticated strategy maximizes the potential of our heroes while unleashing the might of Super Dragons upon our enemies. Though it requires a higher level of skill, the rewards are undoubtedly worth it.

The crux of this strategy lies in executing a flawless Queen Charge, supported by timely spell usage and strategic positioning. By neutralizing anti-flame flinger defenses and creating a solid funnel, we set the stage for a devastating assault. With precise troop deployment and judicious use of spells, victory becomes inevitable. Even setbacks, like forgetting to deploy a healer or mistiming spell usage, can't deter our relentless march towards triumph.


And there you have it, Clashers—the top three Super Dragon armies that are dominating the battlefield! Whether you prefer brute force, spell support, or intricate hero synergy, there's a strategy for every Clash of Clans enthusiast. So, dive into the Super Dragon Spotlight event, unleash your creativity, and conquer bases like never before. Until next time, Clash on!


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