Unlock Epic Rewards in the Clash of Clans Streak Event!

Get ready for the Clash of Clans Streak Event! From June 19th-29th, complete daily tasks to earn amazing rewards like hero equipment and shiny ore. Learn how to maximize your success here!

Hey Clashers!

Get ready for an exciting new Event in Clash of Clans! The highly anticipated Streak Event is here, bringing with it a host of thrilling rewards and challenges. Whether you're a seasoned player or just hitting Town Hall 8, this event has something for everyone. Let's dive into the details and make sure you're fully prepared to maximize your rewards!

Clash of Clans Streak Event Overview

  • Dates: June 19th to June 29th at 08:00 AM UTC
  • Event Period: 10 days
  • Streak Requirement: 7 days

The Streak Event is all about consistency and skill. You'll need to complete tasks over a period of seven days to unlock incredible rewards. Here's what you need to know to get started:

How the CoC Streak Event Works?

  • Eligibility: Town Hall 8 and above.
  • Event UI: A special Streak Event UI will appear when you complete your tasks, making it easy to track your progress.
  • Notifications: A red dot will appear in the event hub when you have unlocked a new task.
  • Task Completion: The star requirement has been removed! Now, you only need to focus on achieving a specific percentage of destruction to complete your tasks.
  • Destruction Percentage: The required destruction percentage will be displayed when you start a battle (applies to the first opponent only).
  • Rewards: Hero equipment can be earned as streak rewards, adding more power to your arsenal.

Tier Rewards

The event is divided into seven tiers, each offering increasing rewards. Here's a breakdown of what you can earn:

  • Tier 1: League Bonus: +10% (HV 50% destruction required)
  • Tier 2: League Bonus: +10% (HV 60% destruction required)
  • Tier 3: League Bonus: +15% (HV 75% destruction required)
  • Tier 4: League Bonus: +15% (HV 85% destruction required)
  • Tier 5: League Bonus: +20% (HV 90% destruction required)
  • Tier 6: League Bonus: +30% (HV 95% destruction required)
  • Tier 7: 3000 Shiny Ore (HV 100% destruction required)

Continuing the Streak

To keep your streak going, you'll need to invest some gems. The cost to continue the streak is 60 gems per cycle, multiplied by the number of days you fail to meet the requirements. For example, if you miss a day at Tier 3, the cost would be 60 gems * (3-1) = 120 gems.

Rush Price

If you're looking to catch up quickly, you can use the rush option. The rush price is 130 gems per 24 hours and will decrease as the time remaining reduces.

Tips for Success

  1. Plan Your Attacks: Make sure to strategize your attacks to meet the required destruction percentages.
  2. Stay Consistent: Complete your tasks daily to avoid using gems to continue your streak.
  3. Maximize Rewards: Aim for higher tiers to get the best rewards, including the powerful Hero equipment and Shiny Ore.

Final Thoughts

The Streak Event is a fantastic opportunity to test your skills and earn amazing rewards. Remember to check the event hub regularly and keep an eye on your progress. Get ready to clash, and may your destruction be epic!

Clash ON! ⚔️

For more tips and Updates on Clash of Clans, don't forget to visit our Clash of Clans Event page. Happy clashing!

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