Super Wall Breaker Spotlight Event - Clash of Clans

Get ready for the Super Wall Breaker Event! Earn awesome rewards like the Rocket Spear Equipment. Find out how to collect Ice Cubes and unlock special items in our detailed guide.
Super Wall Breaker Spotlight Event - Clash of Clans

What's up, Clashers!

It’s time to break some walls and unlock the new Hero Equipment: Rocket Spear in the Medal Event: Super Wall Breaker Spotlight!

This new Clash of Clans Event is available for players with Town Hall 8 and up. Collect Ice Cubes through in-game activities and progress through the Event track. Convert Ice Cubes into Super Medals to unlock rewards, including the new Royal Champion Hero Equipment: The Rocket Spear.

Super Wall Breaker Spotlight Event Dates

  • Start: Tuesday, June 11th, 2024, 08:00 AM UTC
  • End: Friday, June 21st, 2024, 08:00 AM UTC

You can continue accessing the Trader’s Event tab and the Medal Event Building (Ice Bath) until June 23rd at 08:00 AM UTC to exchange Golden Boot Medals for rewards.

Collecting CoC Super Wall Breaker Event Resourse: Ice Cubes

Super Dragons will be heating things up, so you’ll need Ice Cubes to cool down! Earn Ice Cubes by raiding in Multiplayer Battles, with the amount based on your Stars. Use Super Wall Breakers in your attacks to earn bonus Ice Cubes. You can also collect Ice Cubes regularly from your Super Ice Bath, the event building. The more Ice Cubes you gather, the more rewards you unlock, such as Ores, Decorations, and more.

Ice Cubes - Super Dragon Spotlight Event Resource 

Super Medals

Collecting Ice Cubes lets you unlock Super Medals, which can be spent at the Trader’s Shop. Use Super Medals to purchase seasonal Decorations, resources like Ores for your Hero Equipment, Magic Items, and more. The top-tier item is the Rocket Spear, the new Epic Hero Equipment!

Super Medals - Super Dragon Spotlight Event

How to get Free CoC Event Resources like Super Medals & Ice Cubes?

You can definitely get a considerable amount of Free Event Resources! How? We reward our followers for their active contribution and support in every Clash of Clans Event. For this event, we've got some special resources just for you!

🎁 Claim Free Event Resources: 150 Super Medals & 150 Ice Cubes!

As a special reward from us, claim the free Event Resources for the Super Wall Breaker Spotlight Event to give you a head start. Remember, this reward can only be claimed once per account!

▶️ New Royal Champion Epic Hero Equipment: Rocket Spear

The Rocket Spear has an active ability that boosts damage and attack range for the Royal Champion's spear throws. The ability makes her spears fly further and hit harder, with the number of boosted spears and extra damage depending on the Rocket Spear’s level.

New Royal Champion Epic Hero Equipment: Rocket Spear

This new Equipment is the star of the event, and you definitely don't want to miss out on how it works. As content creators, it's our job to keep you informed. Check out our video to see just how awesome this RC Equipment is. Sit back and enjoy!

ROCKET SPEAR Equipment is GAME BREAKING for TH13-16 | Clash of Clans Event Sneak Peek

▶️ Today Hooked will show you how to use this new equipment best at Town Hall 13, Town Hall 14, Town Hall 15 and Town Hall 16 with Zap Mass Dragons, Super Archer Clone Hydra, a crazy hero sui and lastly Root Rider Valk Spam!

And that's not all! We've got another video for you showing the Rocket Spear Equipment in action. Can you believe you can triple a base without even entering the core? Check out the video to see how it's done!


▶️ Today Hooked tries the craziest thing ever: attempting to 3 star without entering the base! With all the epic ranged hero equipment is it possible to pull this off? Let's find out!

Exclusive Event Rewards

Besides regular rewards on the Event track, you can win these exclusive rewards:

  • Cactus Guy Statue: Unlock by collecting 5550 Ice Cubes.
  • Cowboy Skeleton: The final reward in the regular Event track, unlocked by collecting 10,000 Ice Cubes.
  • Dragon Totem: Available at the Event Trader Shop for 1025 Super Medals.

    Event Rewards

    Here's what you can earn during the event:

    Ice Cubes Free Rewards Event Pass Rewards
    80 Super Wall Breaker 30 Glowy Ore
    250 300 Super Medals 500 Super Medals
    500 500 Shiny Ore 30 Glowy Ore
    800 30% Training Boost 1050 Super Medals
    1250 350 Super Medals 40 Glowy Ore
    1700 10 Glowy Ore 500 Super Medals
    2150 750 Shiny Ore 40 Glowy Ore
    2600 25 Glowy Ore 1050 Super Medals
    3050 550 Super Medals 60 Glowy Ore
    3550 30 Glowy Ore 700 Super Medals
    4050 1000 Shiny Ore 60 Glowy Ore
    4550 50 Glowy Ore 15 Starry Ore
    5050 600 Super Medals 80 Glowy Ore
    5550 35 Glowy Ore Cactus Guy
    6050 1250 Shiny Ore 80 Glowy Ore
    6800 60 Glowy Ore 20 Starry Ore
    7550 650 Super Medals 90 Glowy Ore
    8350 40 Glowy Ore 1200 Super Medals
    9150 700 Super Medals 90 Glowy Ore
    10000 Cowboy Skeleton 45 Starry Ore

    Bonus Reward Track

    After completing the Super Wall Breaker Spotlight Event reward track, a bonus reward track unlocks, allowing you to earn additional rewards.

    Additional Ice Cubes Collected Bonus Reward
    1000 130 Super Medals
    2000 130 Super Medals
    4000 130 Super Medals
    6000 130 Super Medals
    8000 130 Super Medals

    Trader Rewards

    The trader offers limited edition wares for your Super Medals, including Magic Items, unique Decorations, Ores, and the new Rocket Spear Hero Equipment.

    Item Super Medals
    Rocket Spear Epic Hero Equipment 3100
    Starry Ore x10 320
    Glowy Ore x60 280
    Shiny Ore x350 325
    Clashy Crater 1025
    Rune of Builder Elixir 3100
    Rune of Builder Gold 3100
    Rune of Elixir 3100
    Rune of Gold 3100
    Book of Spells 1900
    Book of Building 1900
    Book of Fighting 1900
    Book of Heroes 1030
    Super Potion 310
    Shovel of Obstacles 1030
    Builder Potion 590
    Wall Ring x5 515
    Power Potion 310
    Research Potion 250
    Pet Potion 250
    Builder Star Jar 200
    Resource Potion 240
    Clock Tower Potion 150
    Training Potion 50
    Elixir x90K 15
    Gold x90K 15

    Enjoy the event and collect your rewards!

    Have fun and break some walls!

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