Best Town Hall 16 Hero Equipment + Pet Combinations

Ever wondered how a simple change in equipment or pet could turn the tide of battle in Clash of Clans? Dive into our latest blog to unravel the mysteries behind the Best Hero Equipment & Pet Combinations.
Best Town Hall 16 Hero Equipment + Pet Combinations

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When it comes to dominating Clash of Clans, every move counts. That's why having the perfect combination of hero equipment and pets is essential for securing those coveted three stars. Today, we're diving deep into the top  strategies to unveil the winning formulas behind them all.

Clash of Clans Guide for Hero Equipment & Pet Combos

The Town Hall 16 Update introduced Hero Equipment, giving players more options for customizing their heroes. Instead of just relying on their usual abilities, players now have a variety of equipment to choose from, sparking creativity. However, with so many choices, it's easy to feel overwhelmed about which equipment is best for each hero. And to add to the complexity, we now have Hero Pets to consider too.

That's why we've created this guide blog to provide clarity and help you make the right decisions.


▶️ Best Hero Equipment + Pet Combination for Every TH16 Attack Strategy

Everyone knows Yak is the worst pet to pair up with your Royal Champion? And here's another nugget: when the Spirit Fox was introduced, it overshadowed Diggy as the go-to pet for the RC. That's because choosing the right Hero Equipment and Pets can completely change how an attack unfolds. Lucky for you, we've got a video that breaks down the Best Town Hall 16 Hero Equipment & Pet Combinations. 

Best HERO EQUIPMENT + PET Combinations for EVERY STRATEGY | Clash of Clans TH16

▶️ Over the last few years Heroes have gone from strong to insanely overpowered due to the introduction of Hero Pets and Equipment. To maximise your chosen strategy you need the appropriate combinations of each. Today, Hooked will not only show but also explain the right combination for the Top 14 Town Hall 16 attack strategies.

1. Queen Charge Root Riders

In this attack strategy, precision is key. By equipping your hero with the right gear and pet, you'll set the stage for victory. For starters, consider the jelly for the king if you're sending him to the core, but opt for the Phoenix if he's on the flank. And don't forget about the Frozen Arrow for the queen, offering that crucial damage reduction.

2. Queen Charge Lalo

Switching gears to Queen Charge Lalo, we see a shift in focus. Here, the Phoenix takes center stage on the king, while the Diggy lends its stunning abilities to the cause. And with the addition of the hog puppet, your Royal Champion gains that extra edge to push through.

3. Queen Charge Twin Hogs

Though not as common, Queen Charge Twin Hogs packs a punch when executed correctly. Stick with the life gem for sustained healing, and don't overlook the importance of the royal gem for your Royal Champion's longevity.

4. Queen Charge Recall Armies

Flexibility is key with Queen Charge Recall, tailoring your hero's equipment to complement your chosen army composition. Whether it's super bowlers, e dragons, or titans, there's a perfect combo waiting to be discovered.

5. Super Archer Clone Attacks

With ground-based or air-based approaches, super archer clone attacks demand precision and power. Opt for the rage gem to amplify your assault, while the heal puppet ensures your troops stay in the fight longer.

6. Warden Charge Attacks

When unleashing the warden's power, consider the fireball for explosive results. Paired with the jelly and rage gem, you'll pave the way for an unstoppable onslaught.

7. Zap Titans

Harnessing the might of Titans requires careful planning. Equip your heroes with the angry jelly and rage gem to ensure swift destruction through enemy lines.

8. Zap or Blizz Sui Lalo

For the ultimate freeze-and-smash combo, look no further than Zap or Blizz Sui Lalo. With the healer puppet in tow, your queen will lead the charge, supported by a relentless onslaught of destruction.

9. Root Rider Spam

Rounding out our list is the ever-popular Root Rider Spam. Whether you prefer the healer puppet or frozen arrow or other equipment, each option offers its own unique advantages for achieving total domination on the battlefield. So, choose wisely as per the advice!


In the fast-paced world of Clash of Clans, every decision matters. By mastering the art of hero equipment and pet combos, you'll unlock the full potential of your army, paving the way for victory after victory. So gear up, summon your pets, and prepare for glory on the battlefield. Let the clash begin!


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