New Meta TH16 Attack Strategies with Pro Tips & Tricks

Master the current meta TH16 Attack Strategies with pro tips and tricks used by the Pros, setting them apart from the crowd & dominate TownHall 16 effortlessly
New Meta TH16 Attack Strategies with Pro Tips & Tricks

Hey Chief,

Step into a whole new dimension of Clash of Clans excitement, right here at Blueprint CoC! Brace yourself for a spectacular showcase of the most incredible TH16 attackers worldwide. But hang on tight because we're not just unveiling mind-blowing attacks; we're pulling back the curtain to reveal all the enchantment that unfolds behind the scenes in every Clash of Clans showdown.

Unleashing the Best CoC TH16 Attack Strategies of 2024

Chief, our primary goal is to dazzle you with a variety of fantastic strategies and let you witness the magic as the top TH16 players work their magic. And guess what? We're not stopping there!

In this TH16 attack strategies blog, you won't just witness these pros in action; you'll also glean some fascinating insights from them. It's not just about the gameplay; it's about having a blast too.

Finest Town Hall 16 Attacks Suitable for Every Player

No matter if you're a experienced player looking to elevate your TH16 game or just a Clash of Clans enthusiast craving some top-notch action, there's something here for everyone. You can pick up valuable tips to apply in your attacks, regardless of your Town Hall level.

Our mission goes beyond mere entertainment; we're here to help players of all skill levels level up their game and stay motivated. We've got a treasure trove of incredibly helpful videos featuring the world's best TH16 Attackers, and you'll find insights here that are as rare as a gem in a Goblin's hoard.

When Can You Expect New TH16 Attack Strategy Videos?

While we might not be breaking records for video uploads, we're all about quality over quantity, right? Anticipate a fresh video dropping from us every other... well, let's just say, it's a surprise! We're on a quest to bring you the best of Blueprint CoC Pros, and we won't rest until we've dissected every epic move with them.

Our grand plan? To assemble the team of Blueprint CoC Clashers in action and deliver a steady stream of brilliance. So, expect a gleaming, brand-new video from us at a pace that's more leisurely than a village full of Goblins after a triumphant raid.

Master the Best 2024 Clash of Clans TH16 Attacks with Pro Tips and Tricks

As you dive into these incredible Clash of Clans TH16 attack strategies, keep a keen eye on the troops, spells, and how the attacks are strategized and executed.

You might stumble upon some ingenious ideas and tricks to incorporate into your own games. And who knows, perhaps one day, you'll be the luminary of our Best TH16 Attacks Playlist!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy watching our Blueprint CoC players showcase their skills and find our content both entertaining and enlightening. Enjoy!

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Is SUPER BARCH Dead after TH16 UPDATE?! Sarch NERF and NEW Equipment Clash of Clans

▶️ Today TK will showcase Super Barch after the Update with a few twists and see if the strategy is still viable or its nerfed to the ground…

Watch TK Master Class NOW.

Order a Pro session with TK from Blueprint Website.

Super Barch Army Link:



▶️ The Update is upon us and today Hooked will reveal a new strategy he thinks will be fun to use in the future! Electro-Dragons with the Overgrowth Spell are a great combination. Plus with the Royal Champion on the backend of the base with her Haste Vial this army is set to excel!

E-Dragons Army Link:


RECALL SUPER BOWLERS + ROOT RIDERS is POWERFUL and EASY | Best TH16 Attack Strategy Clash of Clans

▶️ Recall attack strategies aren’t as popular at the moment as they don’t pair well with Root Riders. But Sherlock has found a way to use Root Riders and Super Bowlers together with the recall spell and it’s quite impressive to watch!

Recall Super Bowlers & Root Riders Army Link:


BLIZZARD LALO is SURPRISINGLY OP at TH16 | Best Attack Strategy Clash of Clans

▶️ Blizzard Lalo was strong until the CC deployment nerf was introduced. However, with it being so out of the meta base builders have neglected defending it (in order to stop SA Clone Blimps and Root Riders) and because of that Blizz Laloon is back! Today watch as a Top Indian Pusher Drago dominates with the army.

Make sure to go give Drago some love!

Blizzard Lalo Army Link:



▶️ Gen X has been resetting in the Top 10 (was Rank 1 when we recorded this) and that’s due to his clever army choice that minimalises risk and maximises output! Learn about Zap Root Riders today!

Zap Root Rider Army Link:


3 STAR in UNDER 20 SECONDS Like THIS | Easiest TH16 Attack Strategy Root Riders Clash of Clans

▶️ Today Hooked will show the power of Root Riders and lightning spells unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in Clash of Clans. Here’s the twitter post that started it all.

Credits: TonioCoC

Zap Root Rider Army Link:


Use MASS VALKYRIES after ROOT RIDER Nerf in TH16 | Best Clash of Clans Strategies

▶️ Today TK will showcase MASS Valk attack so you who do ground strategies have an option and a strategy to switch to once/if Root Riders Get nerfed.

Watch TK Master Class NOW.

Order a Pro session with TK from Blueprint Website.

Mass Valkyries Army Link:


ZAP SUI Root Riders is UNSTOPPABLE| BEST TH16 Attack Strategy

▶️ WATCH how Ghost OVERPOWERS ALL styles of bases with the ZAP Root Riders. Take these simple Tips and MASTER this ARMY NOW!

CC: 2 Yetis + 1 Rocket loon + 2 Sneaky Gobs
Zap Root Rider Army Link:


SUI LALO & MAXED FROZEN ARROW should be ILLEGAL | TH16 Strategies in Clash of Clans

▶️ Today TK will showcase SUI LALO but with MAXED Frozen Arrow so get your popcorns and enjoy the SHOW!!

Watch TK Master Class NOW.

Order a Pro session with TK from Blueprint Website.

Sui Lalo Army Link:


NEW Frozen Arrow QC is DOMINATING in TOP Legends | +320 Day in Clash of Clans Legend League

▶️ The NEW FROZEN ARROW is Out and WATCH how Ghost dominates the top of legends with this new Queen Charge Root Riders ATTACK.

CC: 2 Yetis + 1 Rocket loon + 1 balloon + 1 barbarian
QC Root Rider Army Link:


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