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Discover the New CWL Bases & Legend Bases for every Season! Whether it be Wars or Trophy Pushing, dominate the arena with Blueprint's Bases built by the Top Base Builders of the World!
Free bases 🎁 of the month

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Gear up for an awesome journey into the world of Clash of Clans bases that promises endless excitement. Our incredible collection of Clan War & Legend League Bases is your passport to a captivating universe of content, and we're thrilled to share it with you.

Free CWL & Clan War Bases of the Month for Every TH

Dive into the science behind CoC Clan War Bases with Blueprint. We firmly believe that a robust war campaign starts with a solid foundation. Our expert base builders invest considerable time perfecting the art of Clan War bases. We analyze attack strategies, troop behaviors, and fine-tune defenses to create bases that can stand up to the toughest attacks. Our blog is your gateway to unlocking base-building secrets and gaining a crucial edge in Clan Wars.

Monthly Showcase of Blueprint's Clan War Bases

Every month, we unveil the best Blue War Bases in our exciting series. Carefully selected by our team, these bases provide an exclusive look into the most formidable and strategic designs. Brace yourself to be amazed by the tactical powers and defensive strength of these exceptional bases.

The Finest Clash of Clans War Bases Unveiled

Take control of your gameplay with the finest CoC War Bases. Bid farewell to scouring the web for unreliable bases. Our team of Pro Builders offers you something extraordinary - the Best Free Clash of Clans War Bases. Crafted with extreme attention to detail and an understanding of war dynamics, these bases are your key to triumph in Clan Wars.

Best TH16 Legend League Bases of the Month

This extensive collection features all the bases shared since the inception of our series. Whether you seek inspiration from past gems or are eager to witness the evolution of our base-building expertise, this playlist is a treasure trove of knowledge and creativity. Follow the link provided and gain access to an invaluable resource that equips you with winning strategies for Clan Wars.

A Growing Collection of Clan War and Legend League Bases

As our blog evolves, so does our library of Clan War & Legend League bases. Each month, we curate a handpicked selection of new and groundbreaking designs that push the boundaries of base-building. Stay tuned to our monthly showcase as we present the latest creations that redefine the meta and shape the future of Clan Wars. With our blog as your guide, you'll always be one step ahead of the competition.

Clan War & Legend League Base Playlist

Check out our YouTube playlists: Clan War Bases for Every TH & Top Legend League Bases

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▶️ Top Legend League Bases of the Month

🎯 Top TH16 Legend (Leyenda) Bases are ready for you at the start of the month, so you can look at what is trending in the highest Trophies in Legends and load your TH16 account with new meta CoC Base Links for Free.

TOP 18 Best TH16 LEGEND BASE LINKS at +6000 Trophies in May 2024 | Clash of Clans Base Layouts

Head over to this YouTube video or to The Top Legends League Bases blog to get the base links. (Here's a secret: There are more bases)



Here are the base links! Copy them & start dominating the wars!

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