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Enjoy this new series where we will be posting the BLUE CWL Bases and Legend Bases of the month when Clan War League and the Legend League is about to start.

The Best Free Clash of Clans Bases for you ready here so you don't need to be copying random CoC Bases from other places, these bases are new meta bases built by our Pro Builders.

You can access here to our Monthly Free Bases Playlist. We have all the videos we have posted since the start, in case you want check out some old bases too.
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BEST TH9 LEGEND LEAGUE TOP LADDER BASES +6000 | Trophy Pushing Clash of Clans November 2023

🏆 The NEW TOP 9 BEST TH15 LEGEND League BASE Layouts for +6000 Trophies in Clash of Clans. Like every start of the month, this November of 2023, we put together the Top CoC Push Bases from the Legend League Season.

🎯 Top TH15 Legend (Leyenda) Bases are ready for you at the start of the month, so you can look at what is trending in the highest Trophies in Legends and load your TH15 account with new meta CoC Base Links for Free.

Head over to this YouTube video or to The Top Legends League Bases blog to get the base links.



Join our Discord Server and get access to the Free (CWL) Clan War League Bases of the month before we post them on YouTube. We put together one Clash of Clans Base for each TH. TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12, TH13, TH14 & TH15 Bases are ready for you, so you can have your accounts ready with new meta Blueprint CoC Bases for free.

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Blue Base Packs - November

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