Clash with Eric Pack 2.0 💛

Eric steps in to help your defense!
Clash with Eric Pack 2.0 💛 - Blueprint CoC

This product collaborates with Eric to help players into mixed break-down wars.
The pack is for clashers that compete at least at one of the top five townhall levels in the game. Our experts make the three bases per TH at each level, and they are for CWL & Wars

There are three designs fresh built from scratch, focused on the current meta of each TH, and they come with the builder's name on it with Comments from them!


clash with eric limited edition pack in collaboration with Bluprint coc for clash of clans bases

15 Extra Care Anti 3 Designs! (3 of Each TH from 10 to 14)
This pack is affordable and also gives you a chance to try all our lower TH builders! You will receive your bases instantly!


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