New Originals Limited Edition Pack 💎

The OGs of the game got your back!
New Originals Limited Edition Pack 💎 - Blueprint CoC

It's Time for OG Action! Exceptional talent in the community is finally coming together!
This pack contains bases from builders who don't need an introduction!

5 Veterans of base building and blueprint made these bases for you! Builders who have been part of Blueprint for a very long time and a few of the most known in the community!


Blueprint OG pack limited for clash of clans bases

Top Quality Designs, Five Pro TH14 Pass-Test for less than the price of one.
Bases build exclusively for the latest meta at Legends & CWL/ESL. This pack has the most challenging base designs against meta! Builders have spent countless hours testing and tweaking these hand-crafted bases for you!

REMY - Anti 3 base Heavily trapped TH and backend baits with multiple isolated cores and spread out defenses!

BOB - Anti 3 base Long channeled, asymmetrical with highly baited half and hard to path and troops splits!

SIR IRON - Anti 3 base Uniquely compartmentalized heavy baited channeled to make pathing a nightmare  

END - Box base Multiple isolated cores with large deadzones to mess up the pathing, and defend various strats 

AGENT33 - Teaser base style with creative TH compartment and spread out baits to defend multiple strats



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