New TH14 💎 Diamond Pack

Put a Diamond in Your Clash Life!
New TH14 💎 Diamond Pack
Hello Everyone! 🤩We have a Question?

Are you fed up with box bases getting ground smashed? Do you feel that everyone has their gears on and knows how to destroy box bases!

Don't worry because we have got you covered with our newest pack featuring probably the toughest and one of the highest defensive stats base styles!

Not only are these bases hard to plan in a limited time, but they can increase the chances of enemies one starring too!

TH14 Diamond Bases | Limited Edition Pack | Clash of Clans Pro Bases | Blueprint
💎The TH14 DIAMOND PACK is here!

Our gems aka our builders have handcrafted these bases which are named after one of the hardest substances on the planet (Diamond), So get ready to defend against the spammers or smashers with this pack!

#1_ Symmetrical Style heavy baited TH island Diamond base
#2_ Spread out hard to charge unusual Diamond base
#3_ Double multi core to give hard time to many strategies with insane baits
#4_ Hard to predict base with heavy backend to make enemies' day harder
#5_ Interestingly compartmentalized heavy baited

💌 You will receive the bases instantly! Order NOW! 

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