Clash of Clans Base Building Pro Tips

Clash of Clans Base Building from the minds of the Most Talented Base Builders in the game. The Best Base Layouts Explained in deep and Covering all the Town Halls
Clash of Clans Base Building Pro Tips

Hey Clashers,
Get ready to unleash your full potential as a base building pro and claim your rightful place among the elite Clash of Clans players. Brace yourself for an exciting journey filled with invaluable insights and proven strategies that will propel you towards dominance. Are you ready to rise above the competition and build the ultimate Clash of Clans base? Let's embark on this epic adventure together!

Master the Art of Building Clash of Clans Bases

In Clash of Clans, a well-designed base serves as the cornerstone of your success. Every wall, tower, and trap placement plays a vital role in defending your precious resources from marauding attackers. Our pro tips will empower you to create a fortress that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies. We will explore effective base layouts, highlighting optimal placements for defensive structures and resource storages.

Additionally, we will discuss the importance of compartmentalization and how it can thwart even the most determined attackers. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to construct a base that not only defends your loot but also disrupts enemy strategies, catapulting you to the pinnacle of Clash of Clans supremacy.

Proven Strategies for Building the Best CoC Bases

Building a remarkable Clash of Clans base requires careful planning and an eye for detail. Our guide will walk you through the fundamental principles of base design, providing you with a solid foundation to create your masterpiece. From understanding the significance of the Town Hall placement to strategically positioning defensive buildings, we will unravel the secrets of achieving an impenetrable defense. With our proven strategies and insights, you'll have the tools to construct a base that not only repels attacks but also enables you to launch devastating counter offensives.

Crack the Code to a Stronger Defense

In Clash of Clans, a powerful defense is the key to sustained progression. By fortifying your base with the right combination of defensive structures, traps, and walls, you can thwart even the most determined attackers. Our pro tips will guide you in selecting the most effective defensive upgrades, optimizing your defensive capabilities, and countering popular attack strategies.

We will also explore the art of funneling, a technique that channels enemy troops into kill zones, leaving them vulnerable to devastating defensive firepower. With our expert advice, you'll be equipped to defend against any assault and secure your place among the elite Clash of Clans players.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sections, where we will dive deeper into each aspect of Clash of Clans base building and arm you with the knowledge to construct a fortress that stands the test of time. Get ready to leave a lasting impact on the Clash of Clans world as you unleash your full potential as a base building pro!

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The Best Anti-LavaLoon Base in the World

You might have heard that LavaLoon attacks are undefendable, even by the pros. Well, we don't simply make claims; we back them up with action.

Watch this base successfully defend against LavaLoon attacks better than any of your bases that has ever defended against regular troops. 

ANTI LAVALOON Base Has Arrived! Best TH15 Legends + War Base Link | Clash of Clans

🤒 Sick of being tripled by pesky Zap Lavaloon?!

This video will feature our newest builder Pekkachu who has built a fantastic base that has propelled him up 300 trophies in just 3 days! It’s set up perfectly to stop Lavaloon, now all you need to do is copy it down below!

CC:  E-Titan, Super Minion and Headhunter
Base Link:

Unconventional Base Design

This new base, created by Pekkachu, breaks the mold. With a unique and unconventional design, it specializes in countering Lavaloon attacks.

Thanks to this base, Pekkachu managed to climb from 5600 to 5900 trophies in just three days. It's a base that forces attackers to make uncomfortable decisions due to its distinctive layout.

This base is versatile and can be used in both Legend League and Wars.

🎯 Get more bases like this!


NEW Diamond Base is UNBEATEN in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP | Defend Every Strategy | Clash of Clans TH15

▶️ Dima built an insane base that defended 5 out of 5 attacks in stage 3 of the world championship qualifiers and today we will show you the replays (and explain how the base managed to defend) and also give you the base link!

Base Link:


NEW TH15 BOX Base with DOUBLE POISON Tower is UNBREAKABLE | Clash of Clans TH15 Base Link

💙 Today we see a new base build of Dima's in action! It's a box base with double poison towers but it will still make your enemies double their rage!

CC: Hound 2 HH 8 Arch or Hound 2 Rocket Loon 4 Gobs
Base Link:



💙 In this video, Ghost is highlighting a box base, built by himself, that defends against some of the most common strategies in the game! The unique spell tower choice and the overall setup led to GREAT defenses.

Builder: Ghost (Twitter)
 1 Lavahound + 2 Headhunters + 8 Archers or 3 Ice Golem + 5 Archers
Base Link:


ANTI-3 TH12 Base DEFENDS Competitive Players EASILY! Clash of Clans BASE LINK

👍Today I analyse a new anti 3 base by one of our experienced builders Maxi which has an insane record versus competitive teams. I hand-picked the best replays today to show how truly great this base is!

CC: 2SM 2HH rest archers
Base Link:


🛠️ This UNBEATABLE TH15 WAR Base Layout held 13 times in a row against the best players in Clash of Clans. Kingsman, Nebrax, etc. When we talk about TH15 competitive War Bases, the details matter a lot, and Dima is known for that. That way, he is in charge of the New Tweaking Service at Blueprint. You have the TH15 Base with the link to copy below.

🛒 Base Refurbishment, this service consists in tweaking bases privately for customers (something all the top 5v5 teams are doing now) for a much lower price than standard fresh custom bases.

😱 While it sounds like a bad idea to buy this, tweaked bases have many benefits, as you will learn about in today's video.

Builder: Dima (Twitter - Dima)
Lava & 3 HH
Base Link:



🛠️ How to Boost and improve your Base Layouts in Clash of Clans. Today, I talked with End, the Coach and Builder of the old Queen Walkers, now NAVI Natus Vincere. We commented about a new Clash of Clans Tweaking Bases Layouts Service he and Dima are running.

🛒 Base Refurbishment, this service will consist in tweaking bases privately for customers (something all the top 5v5 teams are doing now) for a much lower price than standard fresh custom bases.

😱 While it sounds like a bad idea to buy this, tweaked bases have many benefits, as you will learn about in today's video. 

Base Link:


UNBEATEN New TH10 War BASE LINK with Replays | Clash of Clans Layouts 2023

🔵 This is an insane TH10 WAR BASE Layout for no Siege Machine, if you are looking for a Town Hall 10 Base, give this one a try. You can copy the link in the description below. This New TH10 WAR Base was built by one of our Famous TH10 Base Builders at Blueprint COC. We have Hooked going through the replays and showing you how it held on one of the most challenging TH10 War Leagues.

Builder: Mohsen
CC: 1 Baby dragon, 1 witch, 13 gobs
Base Link:


O STAR 👀 ANTI 1 TH15 Legend & War BASE Design | LINK CoC 2023

Watch today as I jump on voice chat with Marc (Pro Builder for Blueprint CoC), and we discuss the defenses he has gotten with this OP Clash of Clans TH15 Anti 0/1 Star base link in ESL Mobile Open and Legends League!

Builder: Marc (Twitter - Marc)
CC: 3 IG 5 Arch or Lava 2 HH
Base Link:



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