New TH14 World Class 💎 Limited Pack

Experiment the Asian Defensive Power!
New TH14 World Class 💎 Limited Pack
Hello everyone! We are back with our Famous Worlds Packs from 2021 Hope you guys like the artwork! We have been working with much love, and it is finally ready to be launched!

We present you with
The first World-Class Pack of 2022! Something we have had in mind for some time already. Focused on the Base Building Skills of our most recognized builders of each community, The idea is to give you the chance to experiment with the Defensive Styles of each Continent.  

TH14  World-Class:PWorld_Asia: Pack Limited Edition!   

This is a Pack made by our most recognized Pro Builders Worldw de. Made to showcase the fantastic Asian community and the best way to get to know the
Asian defensive Power of what it is the most talented Clash community.   

Asia TH14 Pack Limited edition Pro Bases
Top Quality Designs, Five
Pro TH14 Pass-Test for less than the price of one. Bases built exclusively for the latest meta at Legends & CWL/ SL. Next to each design, you will have the name of each Pro Buil er. These bases come with comments related to the testing and tweaking part, and they have been made the exact same way Professional Teams work.   You will receive the bases instantly! GET YOURS!

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