World Champions Duo ⭐ Limited Edition

Prepare to Defend with World Champions!
World Champions Duo ⭐ Limited Edition - Blueprint CoC
Ready to defend like Champs? The proper Farewell Limited Pack from World Champions is Here!  Say bye to TH14 with the Pack of the Year!

The World Champions Limited Edition is a pack made by the dynamic Duo consisting of the Best base builder in the world & Key Roster change of the World Champions, Queen Walkers Stephanie!

Blueprint World Champions Duo Pack Clash of Clans
Anti 3 Classic Asymmetric base, heavily baited comps, Creative wall structure!

END Legend 5400+ - 
Box spread & multiple cores, heavy baited core, hard to path comps!

Box Creative, hard-to-path wall formations, multiple isolated cores, flanking baits!

KAZUMA Legend 5800+ - 
Anti 2 Compact, highly baited, heavy core, open comps, Multiple single ITs.


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