TH15 Grind Pack 💎 Limited Edition

All the bases you need to Grind TH15 like a Blue Champ!
TH15 Grind Pack 💎 Limited Edition - Blueprint CoC
Our First TH15 base Pack is HERE! After giving builders enough time to understand the meta, we combined five top-tier Clash of Clans bases that will constitute our First Pack!

Comprising one base each for Farm, Legends, War, ESL & CWL, this pack will help you take your early TH15 CoC Game to the next level!
Blueprint TH15 Grind pack Clash of Clans

ALFONSO (CWL) - Anti 2 Diamond - Creative deadzones, open comps., spread baits & light core!

SYNTHE (Legend League) - 5300+ Box - Compact core, spread out key defenses, heavily baited & Multiple IT core!

MECH (War)  - Asymmetric Anti 3 - Triple isolated ITs, incompletely channeled, spread baits & heavy DPS all over.

CJ (Farm) - Farming Anti 2 - Spread out damage, highly protected storages, hard to path core & spread baits.

JOTAPE (ESL) - Big Core Anti 2 - Spread baits, Open Core, Creatively used spell towers, heavy core!


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