Worlds Finals 🏆 Limited Edition

Equip yourself with Defenses from The Best Builders
Worlds Finals 🏆 Limited Edition - Blueprint CoC
The TH14 Worlds Finals :BP_cup: Limited Edition is a pack made by Builders who have repeatedly proven their skills at the highest level of competition. 3 ESL Designs and 2 Push Designs, each made by Pro who is leading builder for one of the Top Teams in the World!

Blueprint Worlds Finals limited edition pack clash of clans pack of bases

Celinho - ESL Anti 3 Creative core, open comps., spread baits & creative channels!

Synthe - Legend (5400+) Box hard to path, multiple dead zones, lighter flanks & heavy core.

End - ESL Anti 3 Asymmetric, Channeled, spread baits & hard-to-path comps.

General X - Legend (5800+) Box Spread out damage, Creative comps, zero defense core & spread baits.

Sir Iron - ESL Anti 3 Multiple Isolated cores, open comps., spread baits & many dead zones!


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