Double Trouble ⭐ Limited Edition

These Ring Bases will cause troubles to your enemies
Double Trouble  ⭐ Limited Edition - Blueprint CoC
With EVERYONE highlighting the use of Anti 2, we think it's time to dedicate a pack to the Trouble!
The TH14 Double Trouble Limited Edition is a pack made by the Builder Duo who are well experienced in making Anti 2 Style Bases.
2 ESL & 2 Legends Designs by our Experts who have a lot of experience building hard-to-crack Ring bases.

Blueprint Double Trouble Pack Limited Edition CoC Pro Bases

4 TH14 Pro Pass Test Clash of Clans Bases:

- GHOST ESL Anti 2  Box-shaped, huge deadzone surrounded core, spread baits, open walls!

- GHOST Legend League (5700+) Anti 2 Heavy & compact core, core & peripheral baits, heavy damage zones!

- JOTAPE ESL Anti 2 Heavily baited open core, hard-to-path wall formations, concentrated damage!

- JOTAPE Legend League (5700+) Anti 2 Spaced out core with multiple layers of defenses, heavy baits & open comps.


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