The Awaited Clan Capital Base Links Feature is Here!

Clan Capital Base Layouts can finally be downloaded with copy Base Links! Learn how to copy Clan Capital Base Links in the CoC October 2023 update. Enhance your CoC knowledge and save a decade with this game-changing feature.
Clan Capital Base Links

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In the interesting world of Clash of Clans (but yes, occassionally frustating too!), the introduction of Clan Capital brought both excitement and a pressing issue to the table. For those who may not be familiar, the Clan Capital is a pivotal element in CoC gameplay, offering a unique twist to the game's dynamics.

The Frustration of Clan Capital Base Layouts with Copy Links

Before the dawn of the October 2023 update, a prevailing frustration loomed over Clan Capital players. You see, in CoC, players have the convenience of copying and sharing bases with just a click of a button in the main village and Builder Base. It's a nifty feature that saves time and effort when setting up your defenses and layouts. But, and here's the catch, it wasn't available in the Clan Capital. Not one bit.

Now, imagine having not one or two but a whopping eight districts to manage manually. The absence of the base link feature in the Clan Capital meant players had to build each base from scratch, a daunting task that often felt like pushing a boulder uphill. You could almost hear the collective sighs of frustration from Clan Capital players across the CoC realm.

The Clan Capital October 2023 Update: A Game-Changer

Fast forward to the highly-anticipated October 2023 update. CoC players eagerly awaited sneak peeks that would unveil the mysteries of the upcoming changes. And boy, did Supercell deliver! This update marked a significant turning point for Clan Capital enthusiasts.

New Additions and Love to the Clan Capital!

The October 2023 update brought a host of new features to the Clan Capital. Players were delighted to explore the new Capital District: Goblin Mines, a fresh addition that added depth to their strategic planning. But that wasn't all; there was a shiny new toy in the form of the Goblin Thrower, a Capital defense that promised to keep invaders at bay. A new Trap, the Spear Trap, added an element of surprise to base defenses.

But the excitement didn't stop there. Supercell introduced a temporary Goblin Builder and the Goblin Researcher to assist and speed up upgrades, along with a powerful new Mega Troop known as Mega Sparky. Clan Capital players rejoiced at the arrival of the Super Miner, a dedicated Capital troop ready to tackle enemy bases. To top it all off, the October 2023 update gifted players the Endless Haste Capital Spell, a game-changer for offensive strategies.

If you didn't catch what the update was all about, you can take a look at Sneak Peek #1 and Sneak Peek #2. They'll give you a better idea of the new additions and changes that occured in the October 2023 update.

The Long-Awaited Clan Capital Base Link Feature

While these changes had Clan Capital players buzzing with excitement, there was one announcement that stole the spotlight: the introduction of the Base Link feature to the Clan Capital. This was the game-changer players had been waiting for. It meant that finally, players could copy Clan Capital bases with the same ease and convenience they enjoyed in the main village and Builder Base.

Imagine the relief and joy that washed over players when they received this news. The long hours spent manually reconstructing bases were a thing of the past. With the base link feature, Clan Capital players could now share their base designs effortlessly and more effectively.

Can You Copy Clan Capital Bases?

Now, you might be wondering: "Can you copy Clan Capital bases?" The answer is a resounding YES! But it wasn't always this way. Before the October 2023 update, copying Clan Capital bases was a dream that remained unfulfilled. It was a feature longed for by players, and Supercell listened to their community.

With the update's arrival, this long-standing concern was finally addressed. Now, you can easily copy Clan Capital bases, just like you do in the main village and Builder Base.

How to Copy Clan Capital Base?

With the October 2023 update in Clash of Clans, one of the most awaited features has finally arrived—the ability to copy Clan Capital bases. This game-changing addition allows you to easily share and replicate your Clan Capital base designs with your clanmates and friends. Here's a quick guide on how to take full advantage of this exciting feature:

Access Your Clan Capital Base

Start by entering your Clan Capital Base Layout Editor. Once inside, select the specific base you want to copy.

How to Copy Clan Capital Bases - 1

Locate the Base Link Button

Within the Clan Capital Layout Editor interface, you'll find the base link button. It's represented by a 'up-arrow' icon or a similar symbol. Clicking on this button will allow you to share the base through two options: "as Link" or "to Clan Chat".

How to Copy Clan Capital Bases - 2

Share the Link

Once you've generated the base link, it's time to spread the word. Share the link with your clanmates, friends, or anyone you wish to collaborate with. You can paste the link in chat, on social media, or any platform of your choice. Your fellow Clashers can now access the base design with a simple click.

How to Copy Clan Capital Bases - 3

    Now, with this user-friendly process, you can seamlessly share and replicate Clan Capital bases, allowing for more effective strategy discussions and collaboration within your clan. Dive into the new era of Clash of Clans gameplay, where teamwork and innovation thrive!


    The addition of the base link feature to the Clan Capital was a momentous occasion for CoC players. It not only eased the frustrations of manual base building but also encouraged greater collaboration among clans and clanmates. As you embark on your Clan Capital adventures, don't forget to harness the power of base links to enhance your CoC gameplay.

    Stay tuned for future updates and more exciting developments in the world of Clash of Clans!


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    Now, while you might think the "base copying" issue is resolved, there's more to consider. You may now know how to copy Clan Capital base links, but keep in mind that those bases, available on YouTube or the internet, are accessible to everyone. This means they can be copied and used by countless players, which also raises the risk of them being exploited and players finding ways to three-star them.

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