Clash-o-Ween Mashup Madness is here!

This year's Clash-o-Ween promises to be even more spooky with the new Mashup troops: Barcher, Hog Wizard, Lavaloon and Witch Golem. You'll need to be braver than ever to make it through this haunting Clash-o-Ween.
Clash-o-Ween Mashup Madness

Greetings, Chiefs!

Step into the thrilling world of Builder's Mashup Madness Clash-o-ween extravaganza! Builder's been up to some peculiar antics lately, and we've finally uncovered the secrets behind his enigmatic schemes. If someone grins that widely and wickedly, it can only mean one thing – there's an adventure waiting to be unraveled. We're here just in the nick of time to unveil his mischievous masterplan.

Prepare yourself for a hair-raising experience as Builder unleashes a nightmarish amalgamation of monstrous creations and meddling with your Village's precious Elixir reserves. Builder's brand of madness has reached a whole new level, making this event a spine-tingling journey. Are you brave enough to delve deeper into the madness? Keep reading, if you dare!

👻 Introducing Clash-o-ween's All-New Resource: SOUR ELIXIR

The Clash-o-ween Mashup Madness is an event tailor-made for Chiefs with a Town Hall level of 6 or higher. Commencing on the ominous Friday the 13th, Builder will unveil his latest creation: the Sour Elixir Cauldron! Brace yourself for a month of spine-chilling fun, lasting until the stroke of midnight on October 31st.

Place the Sour Elixir Cauldron anywhere in your Home Village, transforming it into the epicenter of the Clash-o-ween event! Once it's settled in, watch as it mystically taints one of your Elixir Storages with an eerie green glow, converting it into a Sour Elixir Storage.

Your Sour Elixir Cauldron churns out Sour Elixir, accumulating steadily in your Sour Elixir Storage. You can also embark on daring raids to acquire more Sour Elixir and boost your ever-growing stash of this pungent concoction. Despite its less-than-pleasant aroma, collecting as much Sour Elixir as possible is an absolute must.

But the question remains, what devious plans does Builder have in store for all this Sour Elixir?

🎃 The Mashup Madness Event Hub

To gain access to the heart of the Mashup Madness, head over to your trusty Sour Elixir Cauldron and tap on the mesmerizing Mashup Madness symbol. Inside, you'll be able to track the astounding rewards you've amassed during the Clash-o-ween event!

Accumulating Sour Elixir will unlock a treasure trove of exclusive Clash-o-ween rewards, including mystical Magic Items, power-ups, and access to the zany Clash-o-ween Troops, all alongside an all-new event currency, the coveted Mashup Medals.

👹 The Monster Mash...up!

Builder has elevated his tinkering to spine-chilling levels by combining the most familiar Troops into a bewildering array of Clash-o-ween monsters! As you amass more Sour Elixir, you can gain access to these monstrous Mashup Troops. Once you've unlocked one, you're free to train and deploy them in your Multiplayer Battles. But beware, these Troop combinations are bound to wreak havoc in your battles, adding an electrifying twist to your gameplay.

The countdown to Clash-o-ween Mashup Madness has begun, and it promises to be an adventure like no other. So, gear up, Chief, and immerse yourself in this eerie spectacle of Sour Elixir, wacky Troop combinations, and fantastic rewards! The clash of titanic proportions awaits you – will you rise to the challenge?

🌟 Discover the Mashup Troops:

Mashup Troops: Barber

The Barcher is a fusion of Barbarian strength and Archer's agility. This long-range attacker not only fires arrows but also boasts the durability of a Barbarian. A unique twist? The Barcher can turn invisible, unleashing a burst of aggression during the initial moments of deployment. Witness the stealthy precision of Barcher in action.

  • Sour Elixir required: 2000
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Housing space: 3
  • Movement speed: 20
 Level TH Required HP DPS
1 6 110 36
2 7 135 39
3 8 160 42
4 9 185 45
5 10 220 49
6 11 255 53
7 12 290 57
8 13 325 61
9 14 360 65
10 15 395 69

Mashup Troop: Hog Wizzard

Hog Wizard

Listen closely, and you'll hear the sizzle of pure energy. No, it's not bacon on the grill; it's the fiery aura surrounding the spellcasting Hog Wizard! Combining the wall-jumping skills of the Hog Rider with the ranged magical attacks of a Wizard, the Hog Wizard not only hurls fireballs but radiates an aura of self-assuredness that damages nearby enemies. They can't resist basking in his magnificence.

  • Sour Elixir required: 15,000
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Housing space: 7
  • Movement speed: 24
 Level TH Required HP DPS
1 6 215 57
2 7 325 85
3 8 435 113
4 9 545 141
5 10 655 169
6 11 765 197
7 12 875 225
8 13 985 253
9 14 1095 281
10 15 1205 309

Mashup Troop: Lavaloon


Lavaloon is no ordinary inflatable! It merges the Lava Hound and the Balloon, forming a fearsome duo. This dynamic duo heads straight for the nearest Air Defense while sporadically dropping explosive bombs. These bombs not only cause damage upon detonation but also give birth to a group of relentless Lavaloon Pups, continuing the attack. When the Lavaloon eventually meets death (or deflation), it goes out with a bang, releasing even more Lavaloon Pups in a spectacular explosive finish.

  • Sour Elixir required: 35,000
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Favorite target: Air Defense
  • Housing space: 23
  • Movement speed: 16
 Level TH Required HP DPS
1 6 1200 50
2 7 1750 70
3 8 2300 90
4 9 2850 110
5 10 3400 130
6 11 3950 150
7 12 4500 170
8 13 4950 190
9 14 5400 210
10 15 5850 230

Mashup Troop: Golem WitchWitch Golem

Witch Golem is the epitome of strength, merging the sturdiness of a Golem with the unique ability to summon Skeletons, just like a Witch. While Witch Golem's scythe cleaves through enemies, it's the combination of its resilience and the legions of Skeletons it can conjure that sets this extraordinary fusion apart. But the surprises don't end there! When Witch Golem is vanquished, it summons 1-3 Big Boy Giant Skeletons, the number depending on Witch Golem's level. The Witch Golem's death is just the beginning of a bone-chilling encore!

  • Sour Elixir required: 55,000
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Housing space: 41
  • Movement speed: 12
 Level TH Required HP DPS
1 6 3200 130
2 7 4500 143
3 8 5400 156
4 9 6200 169
5 10 6700 182
6 11 7100 195
7 12 7500 208
8 13 8000 221
9 14 8400 234
10 15 8800 247

Embrace these incredible Mashup Troops and reshape your Clash-o-ween battles with their extraordinary powers and abilities. Get ready for a spellbinding experience like no other!

Mashup MedalsMashup Medals

Mashup Medals are a new Clash-o-ween currency that you can earn as you collect more Sour Elixir. This spooky currency can be used to buy fantastic items from a special Clash-o-ween section in Trader's shop, which will be open throughout the Mashup Madness event!

You can also acquire Mashup Medals through various offers available in the Shop.

Trader's Clash-o-ween Shop

During the Mashup Madness event, Trader has opened his shop, where you can trade in your Mashup Medals. His shop offers a range of special Clash-o-ween items, from Magic Items to decorations. But it's particularly important to gather as many Mashup Medals as you can because they're the only way to get the Ghost Queen skin for your Archer Queen! What secrets does this Clash-o-ween shadow hold?

What mysterious deals will Trader have in store for you during the Mashup Madness event? We're glad you asked!

Item Mashup Medal Cost per Item #Purchasable
90,000 Elixir 15 10
90,000 Gold 15 10
Training Potion 45 9
Clock Tower Potion 140 9
Builder Star Jar 185 9
Resource Potion 215 9
Pet Potion 220 9
Research Potion 220 9
Power Potion 280 9
Wall Ring (x5) 490 9
Clash-o-Ween Clan Capital House Roof 515 1
Clash-o-Ween Clan Capital House Decoration 515 1
Builder Potion 560 9
Hoggywise Decoration 825 1
Ghost Queen Skin

Ghost Queen Skin

While they say, "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun," this sovereign of the afterlife has some unfinished business with her adversaries. You have the opportunity to obtain the coveted Ghost Queen skin from Trader's Clash-o-ween section while the event is still in full swing. However, much like all ghosts tend to do, she'll vanish from Trader's Shop without a trace as soon as the event comes to a close.

Sinister Sapling

Sinister Sapling

And let's not overlook our annual Clash-o-ween obstacle that makes its appearance in your Home Village! Allow me to introduce you to the Sinister Sapling, the liveliest little seedling to join your collection of decorations.

Sour So-Longs

As we bid adieu to the Mashup Madness event, Builder's mischievous machinations have one final surprise up their sleeves for you. Once the event concludes, your Sour Elixir Cauldron will undergo a mystical transformation into a permanent statue in your Village! 


In a grand summation, Builder's Mashup Madness Clash-o-ween event has unfurled a tapestry of unprecedented Clash-o-ween excitement. The enigmatic Sour Elixir, enticing rewards, and the thrilling Mashup Troops combine to deliver an adventure like no other.

As the countdown to this grand spectacle progresses, it's the perfect time to immerse yourself in the madness, claim your well-deserved rewards, and lead your Village to triumph.

This Clash-o-ween journey is an opportunity to create lasting memories, to challenge your strategic prowess, and to engage with your fellow Chiefs in a way that's truly exceptional.

So, Chief, the stage is set, and the spotlight is on you. Embrace the madness and embark on an adventure that promises to be nothing short of legendary.

Let the Clash-o-ween festivities begin!

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